Interesting Ways To Reuse Coffee Filters

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Here at the Cafe2U UK offices we – unsurprisingly – drink a lot of coffee.

An upshot of this caffeine addiction is that we go through an equally large amount of paper coffee filters.

So, in the spirt of recycling, we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of great alternative uses for paper coffee filters.

Feel free to get in touch with us to suggest any more that we have missed!


1)    Shoe polish

Dampen a used paper coffee filter and use it to shine and polish dark brown shoes.

2)    Duster

Rinse and dry your used coffee filter, then you can use it as a makeshift duster to clean glass surfaces such as TV screens, computers, mirrors and monitors, as it won’t leave behind scratches or streaks.

3)    Compost

Just like used coffee grounds, you can reuse unbleached coffee filters as fillers for your compost bin.

4)    Protect Crockery

Are you moving house and want to keep your delicate crockery safe? Then all you need to do for peace of mind is to place the coffee filters between your crockery when packing them together.

5)    Wardrobe Freshener

Coffee filters can be employed to keep your clothes smelling fresh – just splash few drops of your favourite essential oil on to a bunch of filter papers and then add them to the tumble drier for a cheap and effective way to scent them.

6)    Cupcake Pan Liners

Just cut up and use paper coffee filters in place of cupcake pan liners – we’ve all got halfway through a cupcake recipe and then realised we are out of liners!

7)    Weighing wet food

You can use coffee filters to avoid making a mess when weighting chopped food on scales - just place the ingredients in a filter on the scale.

8)    Bunting

Celebrating a special occasion but don’t have any bunting? Fear not – just cut your filters into triangles and string them up. Why not paint, dye, or colour on them to make this makeshift bunting extra special!

9)    Disposable Party Bowls

Throwing a party but don’t fancy all the washing up? Solution: use paper coffee filters as a bowl to contain snacks such as nuts, popcorn and mini sausages.

Over to you

Have you ever reused your coffee filters in any of these ways?

Are there any other methods which we have left off this list?

Remember to get in touch with us – via email or social media – with your comments!

Halve The Risk Of Breast Cancer Returning… With A Cup Of Coffee

Thursday, April 23, 2015

For many of us, coffee is a miracle worker, a wonder drug which helps us kick our day into gear and pulls us through the arduous and difficult tasks that planet earth throws our way every day.

But drinking coffee can be much more than a delicious crutch we lean on to give us drive and productivity, as more and more scientific studies disclose the manifold health benefits of the world’s most popular beverage.

Indeed, a recent report has now revealed that drinking two cups of coffee per day can cut the risk of malignant breast tumours returning by as much as a half.

The Report


The recent research revealed that, for women recovery from breast cancer, a combination of two cups of coffee every day and a new hormone drug called tamoxifen was enough to halve the risk of the disease returning.

Tamoxifen is the main drug which is given to women who have not been through the menopause, and it is, after breast cancer treatment, commonly taken for as long as five years – and sometimes longer.

The report, which was conducted by Swedish and British scientists at Sweden’s Lund University, studied 1,090 breast cancer patients.

Of these patients, the women who had been treated with the hormone drug tamoxifen and had drunk two cups of coffee per day halved the risk of their cancer returning compared to those who drank less coffee or no coffee at all.

Ann Rosendahl, a researcher from Lund University who carried out the study, said that coffee has an "effect on the breast cancer cells" and can "turn off signalling pathways that the cancer cells require to grow."

She went on: "The study also shows that those who drank at least two cups of coffee a day had smaller tumours and a lower proportion of hormone-dependent tumours."

Mrs Rosendahl concluded that: "Just two cups a day is sufficient to make a difference".

Over to you

What do you think about the findings revealed by this latest report?

Will it encourage you to drink more coffee?

Are there any other interesting health benefits that drinking coffee has given you?

As always, get in touch with us here at the Cafe2U blog with your comments and questions – we love hearing what are readers have to say!

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Cafe2U Reaches Finals Of bfa Franchisee Recruitment Award

Friday, April 17, 2015

Cafe2U have today been announced as finalists in the bfa (British Franchise Association’s) Franchisor of the Year Awards, in the category of Franchisee Recruitment Award.

The award is to recognise a franchise that has demonstrated effective and responsible franchisee recruitment.

Cafe2U currently have 60+ franchisees in their network with another 6 in training over the next 3 months.


MD Tom Acland said: “We are delighted to have made the finals of these prestigious awards.  

“With only 19 finalists across all the categories we know we are in very good company and are looking forward to presenting to the judges in London next month, in an attempt to secure our place as overall winners of the award.

“Our staff work incredibly hard to recruit and retain the best franchisees and reaching the finals of this award is testament to their hard work.”