Why You Might Be Due A Career Change

Friday, September 12, 2014

Do you ever find yourself pining for a new career? There’s plenty of people who do. In fact, only about 19 percent of all employees are completely satisfied in their job. There’s no good time to decide to pack it all in for a new career, or to leave employment behind altogether and move into the wonderful world of small business ownership.

There’s a lot of risk changing your whole lifestyle later in life. It can be you have to take a course or retrain in order to get up to scratch, and even then you’re likely to have to come in at a lower position than you’ve been working at, and therefore take what might be a fairly hefty pay cut. Those who change careers later in life often have transferable skills and therefore work their way up the corporate ladder more quickly than they would have if they’d come in straight from university or from college in their younger years, but it can still be a while until they are on a comparable salary from others who have been working in that industry for years.

If you decide to make a change, either to a franchise, to a different discipline, or to start your own business, be sure you know why you’re looking to change.

  • Is it because you don’t like the way the company is run?

  • Is your role too stressful?

  • Is it the job itself that you don’t like, or the people who manage or work alongside you?

There are countless reasons that your job might not be right for you, but make sure you’re not making a rash decision because you may well just not enjoy working in certain environments which will mean that you’re going to end up resenting other jobs in that format. If an office job isn’t for you, then it will never be for you regardless of what you’re doing in that office.

A coffee van for sale is likely to be very different from any other job you’ve ever worked in. You will have a lot of freedom over where you can work, and you will have a lot of time speaking and interacting with people, despite being your own boss. Often the head of a company won’t have much experience of their business on a ground level, but if you’re interested in a coffee van for sale and you’re a franchise partner, you’ll be able to do exactly that. If you’ve ever watched an ‘Undercover Boss’ style programme you’ll know that many of the bosses of big companies have worked their way up, but have often lost touch at what’s happening lower down in their company, and as a result the company doesn’t succeed.

To make sure you’re successful, a micro business model like that of a mobile coffee franchise is often perfect. Look at franchises, or a coffee van for sale, train as a business owner and make sure you give exceptional customer service, and of course you’ll need to make a cracking latte too. Many people look at a coffee van for sale after being in another business, so it’s proven to be something that you can be successful in, whether it’s your first career or your fifteenth.

The Coffee Story

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

With so many coffee shops for sale all over the high street and a much greater demand for coffee for use in the home as well, recent years have seen the coffee industry in an all-time boom. It is estimated that somewhere between 600 and 800 billion people rely on the coffee industry for some or all of their income. It’s impressive, isn’t it?

With so many people so dependent on the survival of the coffee industry, it comes as a bit of relief that all those coffee shops for sale aren’t due to a lack of interest. In fact, the number of coffee shops, chains and franchises grows year on year due to the ever increasing demand.

If you have ever wondered how coffee goes from being a seed in a fruit to a piping hot, delicious latte in coffee shops for sale, look no further. The coffee journey is quite an interesting one, and one all coffee lovers should have some idea about. The amount of effort that goes into perfecting every single bean is fascinating.

Planting and growth

While we might call coffee a bean, it’s actually a seed, and found tucked away inside the coffee fruit. Unprocessed seeds can be planted in order to grow new coffee plants, although it takes at least three years for the seedlings to reach maturity and to start to produce their own fruit. It’s really important that the seedlings are regularly watered while they grow, to ensure the roots are well established and that the plant will be healthy in its productive years.


Next, when the coffee plants are producing lots of healthy looking fruit, they can be harvested. There are two main methods used for this: strip picking or selection. Selective picking is much more labour intensive, but it gives a higher grade coffee because it requires an individual to choose which fruits are ripe and therefore ready to harvest. Strip picking is much quicker and can even carried out by machine. All the fruit are picked at the same time, regardless of how ripe they are.

Extracting the seed

After the fruit has been picked, the soft flesh has to be removed to leave the seed which will then start to remember the sorts of coffee beans we are familiar with. This can be done either by using water to wash away the flesh and separate the seeds (the riper beans are heavier, and so they sink).

Alternatively, the fruit can be laid out in the sun to dry, although this can take several weeks. Regular raking and covering prevents the fruit from spoiling.


After that, the coffee can be transported. It’s best roasted just before use to make sure it is as fresh as possible, so some coffee shops for sale will do this in their premises, while others will buy ready roasted beans. The amount of time the beans are roasted for will reflect the taste significantly.

Grinding and making coffee

Finally the beans can be ground up and used in espresso machines and cafetières all around the world.

What Your Coffee Order Says About You

Monday, September 08, 2014

With so many different types of drink available in coffee shops for sale, it’s no surprise that there has been a lot of research into the different types of coffee on the market and what your order says about you. Whether or not you buy into it, it’s quite interesting to see how your personality might be reflected in your drink choices. For us, we’re fairly confident that our fondness for a latte and a muffin just means that we like muffins and lattes…


An espresso is a very Italian order. It’s the basis of all other drinks which will be in a coffee shop for sale, and its coffee in one of the purest forms you can get it. Usually it’s something you’ll have to follow a delicious meal, and to end your evening. You’ll look sophisticated, and you’ll end your meal on a high. A very classy order.

A double ordered from a coffee shop for sale, on the other hand, suggest that you’re actually more likely to need a good night’s sleep. Have a deadline to meet, by any chance? As espresso coffee is drunk as a shot, so it’s not one you sip and enjoy, it’s something you knock back for a caffeine boost. Don’t drink double espresso too often, or you could become reliant on it (and the effects of the caffeine will be lessened). Zzzzz.


Mocha is a balance and often drank by those who aren’t quite ready for the taste by coffee all by itself. It’s very much a treat drink, so it might be something you have in a coffee shop for sale with friends rather than on a work break or first thing in the morning. The chocolate makes the coffee easier to drink, so it’s perfect for those with a sweet tooth, and potentially for the slightly younger coffee drinker.


The latte is one of the most popular coffee drinks for sale in any coffee shop. With so many variants within this particular category, there is a latte to suit almost everyone. Adding flavoured syrups to your drink can change up your order on a daily basis, while a skinny latte shows you’re a serious drinker (you love the taste, but the amount you’re drinking you probably shouldn’t have full fat…).

The custom order

This usually says that you know what you like, and you know how you like it (and you don’t trust anyone else to get it right). This could be anything from ordering milk or water on the side of an espresso shot to dictating how the drink is made to the finest detail. You’re probably a bit of a perfectionist in everything you do, and there’s nothing wrong with that in our eyes! Coffee is something very personal, and if you’ve found something that you love then why accept different?!

Whatever you order from a coffee shop for sale, the fact that you’re visiting says that you really like coffee and won’t put up with second rate instant – which means you’re just our sort of person!