A History Of Cafe2U

Thursday, August 14, 2014

In 2000, Cafe2U began what is now one of the most successful and well known mobile coffee franchises in the world in Sydney Australia. Back then it was just a one-van operation, but with an idea as strong as this, and the coffee revolution taking off globally, the pioneering concept can just at the right time. The Sydney van was a pilot for a scheme which could be rolled out anywhere, and it was a simple and effective way of testing the profitability of the concept.
In 2004 it was bought by its current owners, who had the drive and ambition to expand a concept which they could see had great potential. Franchising the business began, and the company was restructured so that it could work on a much larger scale, and so it would be suitable for markets in other countries. 

The Cafe2U brand was developed, and culture and core values firmly established: the products and the service would always be at the forefront, so it would be vitally important to the business model to train all new franchise partners completely, and offer ongoing support. It was also recognised that the coffee market was changing, and would continue to do so. Back when the business started, more people were choose cappuccinos as their takeaway coffee of choice, but now there is a lot more variety. You would expect variety in a coffee shop after all, so why not in a mobile coffee franchise?

The business plan offered everything which coffee shops can and more, delivering directly to businesses, and making high quality drinks more accessible than ever before. Most coffee shops have a high number of staff, which means that you never really get to know anyone. At Cafe2U this isn’t the case. The vans are usually run by the franchise partners who own them, which means they have a vested interest in making sure every single drink served is perfect, and every customer leaves happy. As an operation run by just one or two individuals, the customers and the baristas can get to know one another too.

The low risk of a franchise appeals to many people who are looking for more freedom in their working life without the risk of starting their own business. For a relatively low cost, the vans can be up and running in just a few weeks.

There is very limited competition because even now this isn’t something that many companies are doing. Each partner is assigned a territory, and work is divided based on this. Franchise development managers will work their way around franchises in their area, offering support and finding new businesses for them to visit.

While the business started in Australia, it now exists in the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, the USA and South Africa. Each market is slightly different, and there tends to be different regulations depending where the businesses will be set up.

As a mobile coffee franchise, we pride ourselves on serving only the best quality coffee, so we keep a close eye on production, as something as simple as weather can affect huge batches of beans, and therefore impact the blend quality.

With more than 150 franchises partners operating around the world, the business is going from strength to strength. The system works because of the hard work put in by development staff, the comprehensive business and expansion plan, as well as the dedication of each and every partner.

If you’re interested in getting started with our mobile coffee franchise, simply contact us for more information.

Ears Ringing? Try A Coffee

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tinnitus is any sound which a person hears which is not from an outside source. This could be anything from a ringing sound to a buzz or a hum, a whistle, a hiss or even a grinding noise. In itself it’s not usually harmful, and generally will get better over time. It can be caused be caused by a wide number of factors. A substantial build-up of earwax, an infection, or a problem with the inner ear can cause longer term problems, while you might find yourself with temporary tinnitus as the result of a blow to the head, or a sudden loud noise.
You should always see your doctor if the symptoms persist, and they will investigate whether there is an underlying cause to the problem. There’s no single treatment, and often treating the cause can help to resolve that noise that’s driving you a little bit mad. Sometimes a cause can’t be found, and instead you will be given techniques to help distract you from the noises so you can function normally despite the ringing in your ears.

Regardless though, those noises can be a real problem for many people. They can be incredibly distracting and can even disrupt your sleeping patterns.

But what’s all this got to do with coffee?

Well, new research has shown that drinking coffee can actually help to protect against the symptoms of tinnitus. 65,000 women were studied over the course of 18 years and it was found that the more coffee they drank, the more the risk of developing tinnitus decreased – regardless of age.

The symptoms were 15 percent less common in those who drank five cups of coffee per day than those who drank one and half cups per day. While the reasoning behind this link is unclear, and further research will be needed to prove and clarify the association, this is a promising step forward.

Millions of people all over the world report having tinnitus to some degree, with some so badly affected that they cannot function normally on a day to day basis.

One of the best ways of getting your caffeine fix at work is by asking one of our mobile coffee vans for sale to add you to their route. By doing so you will be able to get a high quality espresso based drink when and where you need it most. There’s nothing better than sitting down for five minutes with a delicious hot drink, getting away from your desk and giving yourself a chance to relax. Even if your problem isn’t tinnitus, this can still make you feel considerably better.

Cafe2U has coffee vans for sale all over the country, so if you’re truly passionate about the industry perhaps it would be worth considering a move into the field of coffee franchising. You’ll be making hundreds of people happy by providing them with the drinks they want, and you will be doing something which you love.

There’s lots of other links between caffeine and lots of conditions, including:

Even drinking coffee with butter is supposed to do you some good! Coffee vans for sale are an excellent way of getting into the industry, and by joining a franchise you’re given a lot more support and training, making it much easier to succeed.

If you’re looking for a coffee van for sale, get in touch and we will be able to give you more information about the Cafe2U franchise system.

Keeping Cool With Coffee: The Ice Option

Friday, August 08, 2014

It’s already been one of the best summers we’ve had in years, and while we’re not complaining, it can be difficult to keep cool. Mobile coffee franchises have started selling iced coffee and it’s amazing, but for some reason it can be incredibly difficult to make at home. We’re not sure why it seems more difficult than simply making yourself a cuppa, but it’s actually a great and refreshing way to drink your favourite beverage in the summer months. It’s just a case of knowing how!

  1. Start with great coffee

It might sound obvious, but if you make hot coffee with stale beans, cheap instant, or a rubbish blend then it has no hope in hell of coming out well. The same is true of iced coffee – if you don’t use the best beans then you could make a better drink. At our mobile coffee franchises we use the same great blend whether we’re making hot or cold drinks, so you know you’re getting Cafe2U’s best every single time.

Just remember that if it didn’t taste good when it was hot, it won’t taste any better once it’s cold.

  1. Different coffees taste better cold

For most of our cold coffee drinks, we will add syrups to get that great taste. When you let your coffee go cold is how your iced coffee will taste, and different coffees will affect the end taste as well. There’s lots of different types to try, so see which sorts best suit your taste.

  1. Remember to make fresh ice

Ice that has been sitting in your freezer for ages will taste a bit strange, and therefore will impact the taste of your ice brew. Make some fresh when you’re planning on whipping up iced coffee, or buy a bag if you don’t want to wait around for it to freeze. Speaking of the ice, this will water down your coffee, so you’re going to need a stronger brew than you would usually make.

You can get creative with ice too – plain water isn’t the only thing which freezes. Try making coffee cubes or milk ice cubes to give a different result.

  1. Try a cold brew

Hot coffee can give an acidic and bitter taste once chilled, but using a cold brew technique will help to reduce this considerably. All you need to do is put lots of grounds in a big jug or bottle, fill with water, and refrigerate for about 12 hours. Strain the concentrate and then dilute to taste (although not too much, remember what we said about making a stronger cup than usual!).

  1. Be adventurous

You might be a simple milk and sugar kind of person when it comes to hot coffee, but you can try all sorts of different things in your ice coffee which will perk up that drink and really impress guests. Experimenting is fun!

Try adding fruit or Nutella to your drink. You can add spices like cinnamon, or even ice cream for a real treat. If you don’t like the result, just go back to the drawing board.

Syrups like you’ll find at a mobile coffee franchise are available to buy, and they’re a really simple way to give a flavour to any drink you make, hot or cold. Vanilla is always a popular option, but caramel is also an excellent option for a summer treat.

All in all, we think you should take inspiration from the amazing cold coffee drinks available from mobile coffee franchises this summer, and use it as an excuse to get creative in the kitchen. We’d love to see what you come up with!