11 Facts You Might Not Know About Coffee

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Coffee is the second most consumed drink in the whole world after water, and yet there’s still so many things we could say about it that you might not have heard before (or may have forgotten altogether). If you’re looking at coffee vans for sale or if you’re just a coffee love, here are some of the many, many coffee facts we’ve unearthed, and we’d love to hear about any more you know too!

  1. 1) Apparently (and that’s a big apparently – this happened in around the 9th century, so stories aren’t terribly accurate), Ethiopian shepherds noticed the effects of caffeine after it made their goats particularly sprightly when they ate the berries. That same effect is why so many of us start our days with a hot cup, and why lots of people look into a coffee van for sale to help provide this service. Well noted, goats!

  2. 2) Before it was drank, coffee was eaten. By combining coffee berries with fat, African tribes made edible balls of energy. Practical maybe, but we think we’ll stick with the drinks for now.

  3. 3) In 1675 there was more than 3000 coffeehouses in England. They were often used for deep discussions and thoughts on religious and political issues. This practise was so common that King Charles II attempted to ban them. In the 16th century, Muslim rulers also attempted to ban coffee.  Thank goodness that didn’t last! At the beginning of last year it was estimated that 800,000 British adults visit a coffee shop at least four times per week!

  4. 4) Coffee is a berry, not a bean. Okay, we might have skimmed over that one, but coffee starts out as a bright red berry with a seed inside. It’s the seed we roast and grind, so there’s no beans involved at all. Coffee trees can grow up to 30 feet tall during their 60-70 year life span, but on farms they’re cultivated to 10 feet so they can be picked with ease.

  5. 5) Arabica is the most common variety of coffee in the world, and makes up 70% of the market. The other 30% is Robusta coffee, which has a more bitter taste but is also much richer in caffeine.

  6. 6) The world’s first coffee house opened in Arabia in the 16th century. The first in Europe opened in Venice in 1625, and the first in America opened in Boston in 1676. Cafe2U’s first coffee van for sale started trading in Sydney in 2000 – and we haven’t looked back since.  

  7. 7) Espresso is a way of preparing coffee, and not a blend, roast or bean. It involves shooting high pressure hot water through finely ground, tightly packed coffee, in order to produce a strong shot. This is how you’ll be preparing your drinks if you’re looking at Cafe2U’s coffee vans for sale, and it’s likely to be how your coffee was prepared if you’ve visited a coffee shop anytime recently.

  8. 8) Over 1400 million cups of coffee are drunk around the world each day, but the vast majority of that takes place at breakfast.

  9. 9) New York is America’s most coffee loving state, drinking 7 times more than any other city. No wonder they call it the city that never sleeps!

  10. 10) Only certain parts of the work have the right conditions for coffee to grow. This area, which is between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, is known as the coffee belt, and Hawaii is the only state which commercially produces the beans. Africa, Brazil and Colombia produce 40% of the world’s coffee between them.

  11. 11) Research has suggested coffee beans could be used to replace fossil fuels and for use in engines in the future.

The Benefits Of Providing Staff With Coffee

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The figures don’t lie: the British work force loves a coffee. While it might not be everyone’s drink of choice there are plenty of people who couldn’t imagine a Monday with a hot cuppa to start the day. After water, coffee is the most consumed drink in the world, even with fierce competition from British favourite tea. We get through tonnes of coffee globally every year, but in the office there is a shocking lack of the quality stuff. Yes, a tea bag is more or less just a tea bag, and assuming you give it enough of a chance to infuse you can’t really go wrong. But not all coffee was created equally.


Instant coffee might have brought the beverage to the masses, but we’re better than that, aren’t we. Instant coffee just isn’t as good as the real deal, which is why we’re proud to bring our mobile coffee franchises to places of work so that you can get professional barista made coffee no matter where you work.

More and more bosses are seeing the benefits of providing their employees with drinks. A coffee in the work place has been proven to boost productivity, although a low quality won’t be as appreciated as a high quality beverage. Looking after your staff makes them feel appreciated and motivated, but there’s more than that as well.

Providing free coffee in the workplace can boost productivity. On average, workers will drink 3 cups of coffee every day they’re at work. That’s 65% of all office employees.

Coffee’s popularity is evident by how many outlets you’ll see in the high street. Unfortunately though, the high street is rarely where offices are, and so it can mean settling for instant, or sending interns on ridiculous coffee runs. A mobile coffee franchise can mean that you can get the drinks you love, when and where you need them most.

Coffee has been shown to make people more alert, more logical and more even more vigilant – all excellent traits to have around the workplace. So why not provide you staff with great drinks by contacting your local mobile coffee franchise and have your workplace added to their rota.

The vast majority of jobs will involve at least some IT work – and more commonly you will spend most of your day staring at a monitor. For every hour of work you should spend at least five minutes away from your desk. This will help to prevent muscle pain, eye strain, and it can boost morale. More and more people are skipping their lunch breaks and working through. The logic is usually that you’ll be perceived as a hard worker, and you’ll get more done. Surprisingly though, working too hard can lower your productivity levels and rather than getting everything done, you’re just working less hard for longer.

Fill those breaks up wisely. Instant coffee just isn’t great, so providing a service where your staff can get high quality coffee at work is bound to be a success. A mobile coffee franchise can be all it takes to give your staff a huge boost in productivity. We’ve always advocated bosses buy on Fridays. It’s a simple way to show your staff that you appreciate them, and it doesn’t cost much either. What’s a few coffees if it means your work force are much more productive at the end of the week?!

5 Of The Best Coffee Recipes

Friday, July 25, 2014

We love drinking coffee, but there’s so much more to that little bean than just a beverage (albeit one of the most popular beverages in the world, and one which is the second most traded commodity in the world, second only to fuel). With a coffee van for sale, it can become your livelihood. It can be used in the home as a cleaning product, in the bath as an exfoliator, or in the garden as a fertiliser. With the summer holidays underway, it’s feeling like a pretty good time to get baking, and thankfully coffee can be included in all sorts of different recipes. With so much choice, we’ve selected just a few of our favourites, but you’re bound to have others which you love too.

Coffee Cupcakes

Little coffee cakes


Cupcakes are simple and more often than not, can be made with ingredients you’ll have around the home anyway. While there are plenty of child friendly cupcakes out there, we like this slightly more grown up twist on the classic. And they look fantastic as well.

What you’ll need:

  • Golden caster sugar

  • Butter

  • Large eggs

  • Icing Sugar

  • Chocolate coated coffee beans (to decorate)

  • Plain chocolate

For the full recipe, head along to the BBC Good Food website, but these tasty little treats are incredibly easy to make, and take less than an hour to prepare and bake. You can even freeze the un-iced cakes. A lovely one to serve alongside a cuppa.


Tiramisu is a coffee classic, and oh-so-simple to make as well. Like a sweet take on a lasagne, it’s all about layers. Build up the different textures and flavours and you’ll have an after dinner success. Serve cold and you have the perfect summer pudding.

What you’ll need:

  • Double cream

  • Mascarpone

  • Marsala wine

  • Golden caster sugar

  • Strong coffee

  • Sponge fingers

  • Dark chocolate

  • Cocoa powder

Just half an hour of preparation and plenty of time to cool down, this recipe is another nice simple one. Don’t worry too much about how neat it looks, everything gets covered with cream and grated chocolate so no one will ever know!

Coffee and Walnut Cake

Coffee and walnut cake


Cupcakes are all well and good, but they’ve got nothing on a serious two-tiered affair have they? There’s something intrinsically impressive about a big cake, but really they’re not any harder to make, and you can get a lot of servings very simply.

What you’ll need:

  • Unsalted butter

  • Caster sugar

  • Eggs

  • Strong espresso coffee

  • Self-raising flour

  • Walnuts

  • Icing sugar

You’re going to need to whip up a batch of espresso for this one, although you can always pop along to a coffee shop. If you’ve invested in a coffee van for sale you’ll be able to make a profession cup, and sip one as you’re cooking as well. The buttercream goes on top and between the layers which means there won’t be a dry bite. Yum!

Salted Caramel and Coffee Éclairs

Just the name gets our mouths watering! They look and sound impressive, but in fact they’re not too much work to make. You will need a piping bag and a plain 1cm nozzle, but otherwise just your ingredients and oven as usual.

What you’ll need:

  • Unsalted butter

  • Caster sugar

  • Salt

  • Strong white bread flour

  • Eggs

  • Mascarpone

  • Icing sugar

  • Cold strong coffee

  • Double cream

  • Soft light brown sugar

  • Full-fat milk

Once again, a coffee van for sale might come in handy because you’re going to want a few spoons worth of cold espresso to flavour the filling. The choux pastry is the trickiest bit, but really it’s just a case of following the recipe carefully, and making sure you give them enough time in the oven. They really are a show stopper!

Espresso Martinis

After all that baking you could probably do with a drink, couldn’t you? Thankfully espresso martinis are one of the easiest cocktails, so knock up a few glasses, sit back and relax.

What you’ll need (per person):

  • 50ml vodka

  • 25ml Galliano

  • 1 tsp sugar syrup

  • 25ml freshly brewed coffee

  • Handful of ice

  • 3 coffee beans to garnish

Place all the liquids into a cocktail shaker and add plenty of ice. Shake hard to combine. Simple strain into a martini glass and top with three coffee beans. Simple! We think if coffee vans for sale sold these they’d do a roaring trade.

Have you got any other coffee recipes you like to make?