Staff morale problems? - let Cafe2U help!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

It’s always been really important to motivate staff properly if you want to get the best performance possible from there. A happy workforce who feel appreciated will be more inclined to work harder for you, turning up on time, and doing overtime when needed.

Staff who feel undervalued are more likely to spend time looking elsewhere for work and are likely to work more slowly on their projects.

You can’t blame your staff for this; it’s likely that your whole workforce feels the same, and as a result your company is working at considerably reduced capacity. Hiring more staff isn’t the answer in the long term, as anyone new you take on board is likely to feel the same as your existing employees. You’ll be paying more money and just not seeing a return.

Bit of a nightmare.

What’s the answer?

It doesn’t need to be expensive or tricky to help keep your employees happy. We’ve got a simple solution which is really easy for employers to implement, which should make your staff a bit more cheerful.

A steamy brew starts the day off right. That hit of coffee being all that gets a lot of us out of bed in the morning. Even the rich smell as beans and the water come together. Beautiful. Simple pleasures are what make life that little bit better, and that little bean (which is technically a seed) is one of the best.

There seem to be hundreds of convenient ways you can get hold of a quick coffee these days, but in an office this might not be the case. Often people are still having to drink cheap instant coffee which just doesn’t cut the mustard. It doesn’t make you want to sip it slowly and enjoy, which is the most basic of beverages functions.

Studies have shown that coffee breaks can massively impact your staff’s work ethic. It’s the equivalent of having a nap on an overnight shift. You’ve been staring blankly at a screen for what feels like hours. Time for a break.

Helping your staff enjoy their breaks

A really, really good coffee in the office is near enough impossible, so we still frequent coffee shops up and down the country, and, lucky for us, towns are often saturated with them. If you’re on a high street then that’s perfect, but further afield you might struggle to get a coffee hit from anything other than your trusty old a kettle. And it’s never quite the same as a creamy latte from your local barista, is it?

We started our mobile coffee franchise because we know that sometimes you can’t get the coffee you want when and where you want it. Cafe2U is more flexible; by operating through mobile coffee franchises we can bring the caffeine directly to you, at events, to your work, wherever you need it. That’s the best thing about coffee vans. No one’s going to bring Starbucks to Mohammed, but we think that’s small minded.

So we’ll bring you Cafe2U anywhere, anytime you like.

By requesting a Cafe2U mobile coffee franchise at your workplace you’ll be able to make sure that your staff take that much needed break, nip downstairs and grab a coffee.

You’ll find that that break should help your staff become more productive, and they’ll appreciate the access to a better cuppa. Of course, if you were footing the instant bill in the past, there might be a bit of upset about having to pay in future. If you were providing a better quality coffee in the office it would be really expensive, so you might want to consider buying everyone their coffee on certain special occasions, like every Friday. As a gesture it will go much further than buying a jar of Kenco ever could, and the money you’ll save on staff costs will make it worthwhile.

Just search by postcode for your nearest mobile coffee franchise, and get in touch to find out more.

The Flexibility Which Sets Cafe2U Apart

Monday, March 24, 2014

There are plenty of different franchise models all over the UK. From restaurants to mobile coffee franchises and beyond, there is something to suit everyone and every sort of working hours. When you’re thinking about joining a franchise or starting your own business, the first step is researching the industry or service you’re thinking about, and seeing which franchises appeal to you most within these categories. You don’t have to narrow it down straight away; similar skills tend to be needed for all sorts of different businesses.

Of course, before you get much further you’ll want to evaluate whether or not you’re the right sort of person to run a franchise. It’s similar to starting your own business from scratch, except you can skip a lot of the research that involves, and you know that the system works. A tried and tested franchise doesn’t pose quite the same risks as a totally new business, and if you pick the right one, you should get plenty of support from the franchise itself.

After you’ve decided vaguely which sort of industry you want to work in, you’ll need to look at location. Because franchisors don’t want their franchisees stepping on each other toes, they tend to be given an area to work from rather than be given free roam – this is especially true of mobile franchises as there is even more opportunity to go where the customers are. 

It’s important to ask the right questions when you’re looking to join a franchise.

A couple who’ve just signed up for Cafe2U’s mobile coffee franchise model have plenty of experience with franchises. They did their research before deciding that Cafe2U was the right way for them to go. Natalie and Richard Martin previously had a Dominos franchise with five shops on the south coast. They will be running their Cafe2U in the same territory, in between Fareham and Southampton. They know their particular patch because they’ve been working here previously, and its Richard’s local area as well.

We spoke to the Martins about why they picked the mobile coffee franchise model over all the other options available, and why they chose to leave Dominos. There were three main points which appealed to them:

  • The simplicity of the Cafe2U model.

  • The flexibility of working hours.

  • The flexibility of the business itself.  

The simplicity of the model

Cafe2U isn’t complex. It’s a simple idea based on providing a much needed service where traditional vendors struggle. After just two weeks of training you’ll be able to run your own franchise and begin turning a profit. You get out of it what you put in.

Even though the Martins looked at other franchises they kept coming back to Cafe2U because there just isn’t anything else quite like it.

The flexibility of working hours

The Martins were fed up with the unsocial working hours which Dominos demanded. The work was full on and left very little room for movement. This is true of many shop based franchises. The model demands certain hours of operation to prevent an individual franchise impacting on the overall business. The mobile coffee franchise is a little different. As you’re not based in a shop in the middle of a high street, you don’t need to have set opening times in quite the same way. You can work hours which suit you and your lifestyle, travelling to where you’re needed rather than waiting for custom to come to you.

The flexibility of the business

With the Cafe2U model you can work as much or as little as you like. You can either make a living for a family, or if you’re more ambitious, you can expand and run a whole fleet. It’s entirely up to you.

For more information on starting your own franchise with Cafe2U, contact us today.

5 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Coffee

Monday, March 17, 2014

The best way to start your day has to be a delicious cup of coffee just the way you like it. If you don’t have to get out of bed to make it, all the better. Often, after your first cup you’re going to want another one, and if you’re anything like us this will be at around 10:30am when you’ll need to somehow find a tasty java somewhere near work (or face the appalling quality of office-standard instant).

With the rising number of coffee shops and coffee franchise opportunities in your area, finding a cup of the nation’s favourite bean based drink is getting easier to do. If there isn’t somewhere near you, you can request the services of your local Cafe2U van who will deliver espresso based coffee drinks to you, when and where you need it.

To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of why drinking coffee can actually be good for you.

Boost antioxidants 

Antioxidants are great, but many of us don’t get as many as we should. There’s loads of good sources, such as blueberries and strawberries and artichokes, but they aren’t exactly the easiest (or cheapest) things to eat at your desk every day. Instead of bringing in lots of fruit, you can just sip a coffee instead.

Arabica beans are rich in an acidic compound called caffeoylquinic, which boosts antioxidant capacity which you can sip at will.

Coffee doesn’t cause insomnia 

Although lots of people think it is, coffee isn’t actually a direct cause of insomnia. That said, having a cup just before bed is a fairly terrible idea because caffeine wakes you up, and stays in your system for around 8-10 hours. Instead, have a cup from your local coffee franchise opportunity during your morning break and go to bed at your usual time and you should be able to doze off without trouble.

Along the same lines as well, it isn’t actually addictive either. While it stimulates the central nervous system and regular consumption can cause cravings, typically there are negative and life damages implications of becoming reliant on addictive substances – there are no such problems with a nice cup of coffee.

Coffee isn’t a diuretic 

As long as your cup contains no more than 550mg, caffeine won’t act as a diuretic. You’ll be happy to hear that drinking a large coffee from a mobile coffee franchise will affect you no differently from glass of water the same size. All the water in your coffee will still help with hydration as well, so it isn’t all bad.

It’s good for the skin! 

Yet another of the great benefits of coffee is that it lower your risk of getting the most common form of skin cancer, according to a study. We all know that drinking lots of water is great for us generally, and our skin in particular, but many of us don’t have enough.

We saved the best until last…

Believe it or not, coffee drinkers can live longer than non-coffee fiends. Not only do they lower the risk of various diseases (including type 2 diabetes, and oral cancer), but for people with chronic conditions such as heart disease it can extend life. A study in 2012 found that when people drink three of more cups of coffee a day, the risk of death is lowered regardless of whether it contained caffeine or not.

If you’re still not convinced, we think that the taste alone makes coffee worthwhile. It’s something to look forward to in the morning, and it helps most of us through the working day. If you’re interested in one of our mobile coffee franchise opportunities delivering to your place of work, contact Cafe2U today.