There's Something About Coffee Shops

Saturday, January 18, 2014


There is a lot to be said for the humble coffee shop.

They’re a bit of a safe haven where you can turn in your hour of need. They’re used by writers and shoppers, business men and young mums. No one is excluded from the joys of a coffee shop – with all the choice available, you don’t even need to be a java fan to get involved.

Are you researching coffee shops for sale because you have thought about the atmosphere, and how much you love a good latte? Or are you looking into it as a viable business venture which you can see yourself making your fortune doing.

We’ve put together a little list of reasons why we think the coffee shop is here to stay – and if you’re looking at coffee shops for sale, you’ll probably agree with us!.

You Don’t Have To Make The Coffee Yourself

Never underestimate this one. You might think making coffee is a simple task, but if you want a really good cup it’ll involve freshly roast beans, an espresso machine, and some incredibly hot steam. If you’ve yet to wake yourself up with your first cup of the day we could see that ending badly.

No More Instant

The office kitchen was once plagued with the murky brown water which is a horrible cup of instant coffee. Yes, you can buy a passable instant coffee these days. Yes, if you wanted to you could invest in a cafetière and some grounds. But will you?

No. You’d have to hide the thing all the time. Everyone would want to use it. No one would wash up.

It would be a nightmare. Instead, just slip out to a local coffee shop, or arrange for a mobile coffee van to visit your work just in time for the mid-morning slump.

A Bit Of Peace and Quiet

You might think that the hubbub of a coffee shop wouldn’t really be conducive a good working environment, neither are open plan offices. Creative writers use coffee shops as extensions of their slightly not big enough flats.

With soft chairs and beautiful leather sofas, a coffee shop can be somewhat like a better (albeit communal) version of your living room.

Getting Away From It All

Whether you’re hiding from the rain, passing an hour until your train, or just taking a load off, there tends to not be many climate controlled places you can sit for an hour, either with friends or buy yourself, and only need to spend a couple of pounds.


Maybe this point is similar to the first, maybe it isn’t, but the most important thing about anywhere that serves coffee is the drink itself. It just doesn’t taste the same at home, and few offices provide a truly quality cuppa.

If you work in a town centre, there is likely to be a coffee venue of some kind nearby. The influx of the coffee shop has worked very much in the favour of cappuccino lovers the world over. The issue arises when you work in the outskirts. Business parks and offices blocks aren’t always nestled next to a convenient coffee vendor. 


When you’re looking at coffee shops for sale, consider what the service you’re providing is and decide on a location which will fill that purpose. If you don’t like the idea of rent and bills, think about buying a mobile coffee van instead!

Begin the New Year With A Career Change

Thursday, January 16, 2014


The New Year is the perfect time to start thinking about the little changes to your life. A frequent and popular resolution is ‘get a new job’, and we can see why. What bigger change can you make to your everyday life than the place you spend more time at than home and a lot of time thinking about on top of that.

Have you ever considered starting your own business or finding coffee franchise opportunities instead?

Why Do You Want To Leave?

Think about why you’re considering leaving your current job. Perhaps it is just that you feel under appreciated in your current position, you’ve been there for a long time and people are promoted over you despite your seniority and you’ve had enough. If you’re looking to applying for something a bit higher up the pecking order, which will give you increased responsibility and a few more pennies, you’re probably thinking about it for the right reasons.

If, however, you want to leave your job because it is mundane, because you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, or because you’re just outright bored of it, then you might not be thinking about it logically at all.

Lots of people are dissatisfied in their jobs. While you might be one of the very lucky people who get to do something they love every day, most people don’t.

  • You don’t like the way your company is run

  • You don’t get on with your colleagues

  • You’re under too much pressure

  • The commute is too much

  • You aren’t being challenged

  • You aren’t being paid what you feel you deserve

  • You want to move into a new area

These are just some of the reasons that people might think about leaving a job. In the current economic client, people don’t just pick up and leave, they need to find somewhere new first. With the amount of competition for every job, it can take a long time to get an interview, let alone

If you move to another job within the same industry (or even something quite different), will anything really change?

So What Are Your Options?

Being self-employed might sound like a distant pipe dream. Owning your own business might seem even more further off. You need to look at what you’re good at, and see how that would translate into a – hopefully – viable business. Many people think of the idea long before they make the move into their own business, and so have an established idea by the time it comes to making the change.

It is much harder to come up with a business idea purely because you want to be self-employed.

Instead, buying into a franchise can be an easier and more cost effective option.

You don’t need to worry about establishing a brand in a world full of competition, and you don’t need to work out every little costing because this will have been done previously. Depending on the franchise opportunity you chose, you might find that you need to consider variables such as rent and bill payments. 


A mobile coffee franchise can be a better choice than a static business, because coffee franchise opportunities give you the unique chance to learn a skill, be fully autonomous in your work, and manage your own finance.

Cafe2U’s coffee franchise opportunities can be the perfect starting point. Rather than starting a new and potentially risky business from scratch, and having to finance and budget everything by yourself, the mobile nature of the business means you can avoid the high and variable costs of rent and electricity bills. The acceleration package can even offer you a guaranteed income to get you started!

You can control where you work and for how long (if you work less you won’t make as much money – simple!).

Make the change now. Contact Cafe2U for more information about coffee franchise opportunities in your area. 

5 Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds

Monday, December 16, 2013


Alt: What will you use your coffee grounds for?

Coffee grounds are an untapped resource. We all know that those beans make a great drink, but what else are they good for?

If you run a mobile coffee franchise, you going to find yourself with a whole lot of grounds, and you might not really know what to do with them. You could throw them away, but it’d be such a waste, wouldn’t it?

  1. Green Fingers

Coffee is a garden wonder product. It is amazing. Your used grounds are full to the brim with nitrogen which is essential for growing things. You can use it to compost, encourage worms and just generally make your garden greener and your work easier. And you’re reusing something you would have sent to landfill otherwise. Doubly green!

All you need to do is add some grounds to your compost and it’ll work as a catalyst to all that goodness. The nitrogen will help the process intrinsically, and worms basically can’t get enough of that coffee.

If you’re not very green fingered yourself, you could always offer your mobile coffee franchise customers those beans. Pack them up into little takeaway bags and give them away. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment and who doesn’t like getting something for nothing? 


Alt: Used grounds make an excellent addition to your gardening routine.

  1. Deodoriser

As you’ll know, coffee absorbs every smell within a 16 miles radius. And that is only a slight exaggeration. While that might be a bit of a pain in the keeping coffee fresh stakes, you can put the grounds to great use absorbing all the unpleasant smells that you just don’t want around.

Lay some grounds out on a baking tray and pop them in the oven to dry them out. To remove cooking smells from your hands, just rub them through your palms and into your fingers before rinsing. You can keep your trainers coffee-fresh by putting some of the grounds in a small net bag and popping them straight into the shoe. No fuss, simple, better smelling feet.

  1. Dye

Coffee grounds can do more than just stain your cup. The coffee dye can be used for all sorts of things.

If you’re a brunette or a dark red head, coffee can add shine and depth to your locks. To make your own treatment at home, start by brewing about half a cup of strong coffee. Let it cool down a bit – the heat will damage your hair. Wash your hair with shampoo, and towel dry. Mix in your cooled down coffee with some of your favourite conditioner. Cover your hair in the mixture and leave for around fifteen minutes before rinsing clean.

If you’ve got light brown or blonde hair the coffee treatment might not work as well, and you could end up with a patchy colour. It works much better as a stain than a proper hair dye – if you want to change your hair colour dramatically, speak to a hairdresser.

  1. Cleaning product

The abrasive quality of coffee grounds makes it an ideal cleaning product. And because you’ve already used the grounds to make stellar espresso at your mobile coffee franchise, the whole thing cost you basically nothing. Rub a few grounds into a pan (as long as it isn’t treated as non-stick), and you’ll find all those burn on bits of last night’s dinner come away with no trouble at all.  

To clean fire places, sprinkle some coffee grounds on the ash. The slight dampness of the grounds will help to clump the ash and stop everything flying up in the air.

  1. Repel... all sorts of things

All sorts of creatures aren’t terribly fond of coffee. Fleas and ants really, really don’t like coffee for some reason, and neither do slugs or snails. Just sprinkle your used grounds wherever you’re having insect issues, and the little nightmares should clear off.  

Cats also don’t really like the smell of coffee.  Whether it confuses their territorial nature or they’re just more into tea, we couldn’t say. If you lay some grounds down in your garden though, it should keep the felines at bay.

Make your mobile coffee franchise a greener place by reusing your used grounds today!