Time For a Break!

Friday, September 04, 2015


Our mobile coffee franchises are here to improve your work break.

We started our mobile coffee franchise because we know that coffee is fantastic, and its work based best friend ‘the coffee break’ is a wonderful little invention. Have you ever considered just how brilliant they are? You get to escape from the hubbub and just relax and sip that hot, comforting drink for a few lovely minutes. Bliss.

Work breaks are good for you in more ways than you might realise. Head over to the HubSpot Blog to learn more!

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What do you think about the benefits of work breaks?

How many breaks do you take a day?

Do you ever go outside during your breaks?

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Yo, Mr White! Let’s Brew!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Themed coffee shops are nothing new – across the world there are cafes themed around all sorts of different things, from hit movies such as Titanic and the Star Wars trilogy to naturism, cats and futuristic robots.

However, March of this year saw the first ever coffee shop dedicated to the award-winning television show Breaking Bad – perhaps not the most suitable suggestion for a novelty coffee shop!

The novelty cafe, which is called Walter’s Coffee Roastery, opened in Istanbul, and was the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign on the website Kickstarter.   

But what can visitors to the cafe expect when they visit the shop?

Well, a drinking and dining experience like no other, that’s for sure!


According to the proprietor of Walter’s Coffee Roastery, Deniz Kosan, the experience will wholly be inspired by the show, and will be everything you could possibly hope for from the ‘world’s first coffee superlab’.

For example, the staff at the coffee shop wear bright yellow jumpsuits and gasmasks, just like those work by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman when they cook meth in Gus’s superlab.

What’s more, a periodic table adorns the wall; all the coffee is brewed using “cooking” machines, just like those used in the series; you drink with beakers instead of mugs; and water, instead of being boiled in the convention manner, is boiled using a Bunsen burner.

Punters feeling peckish can also tuck into pancakes (the favoured breakfast of the White family, along with bacon strips) as well as muffins and cakes sprinkled with blue-coloured crystals, just like the signature methamphetamine that Walter and his cohort Jesse cook up in their lab.

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What do you think about this new themed coffee shop?

Would you swing by for a cuppa if you were visiting Istanbul?

Have you been to any other themed coffee shops?

Are there any more themed coffee shops that you’d like to see?

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Lower The Risk Of Breast Cancer With Coffee

Thursday, July 30, 2015

If you needed any more incentive to drink coffee (which I presume you don’t, as you’ve somehow found your way onto our coffee blog), then research just out suggests that women can lower their risk of getting breast cancer by regularly drinking coffee.

The findings

To arrive at this conclusion, Swedish researchers looked at twenty years worth of data.

This data comprised the habits of 40,000 women who, on a daily basis, recorded their coffee and tea intake, in addition to the caffeine they ingested from other sources (chocolate, soft drinks, etc).

The scientists discovered that women who drank five or more cups of coffee per day had a 19% lower risk of getting breast cancer compared to those women who drank just one or two cups.


Why is this?

Although there is no clear reason why this is the case, as the mechanisms responsible are not wholly understood, the scientists believe that the anti-cancer properties arise from the drink’s antioxidants which help prevent against the cell damage which leads to cancer.

Not just breast cancer

These recent findings are part of a much larger pattern which shows drinking coffee can help ward of cancer.

Indeed, other than breast cancer, research has shown that coffee can help prevent against: skin cancer, lung cancer, endometrical cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, prostate cancer, uterine cancer, and oral cancer.

For more information on the relevant research, visit the following webpage:

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What do you think about this recent report?

Do you drink coffee for health reasons?

Will these findings encourage you to drink coffee more frequently?

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