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10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Caffeine

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Many of us consume caffeine every day as part of our regular coffee and tea regimen – but how much do you really know about this ingredient which perks us up in the morning and helps us get through the day in one piece?

Well, to help make you more caffeine-literate, here are 10 facts about everyone’s favourite pick-me-up which you probably did not know…


1.       85% of USA’s population consumes caffeine every single day. The split goes something like this: 64% coffee, 17% tea, 17% soft drinks, 2% energy drinks.

2.       Birds, cats and dogs are unable to metabolise caffeine – so whatever you do not feed them caffeinated products!

3.       Caffeine is found in more than 60 different plants around the world. These seeds and leaves comprise, obviously, coffee beans and tea leaves, but also kola nuts, guarana plants, yerba mate, and cocoa beans (to name but a few).

4.       According to the history books, the first person to consume caffeine was a Chinese emperor in 3,000 BC. The story goes that he accidentally discovered the effects – and potential – of caffeine when certain leaves fell into boiling water. This accidental discovery became what we know and love today as tea.

5.       Caffeine is not recommended for children of pregnant women.

6.       The chemical structure of naturally occurring caffeine (tea and coffee) and the synthetic form of coffee (Coca Cola, energy drinks) is actually identical – and the effect on the human body is exactly the same.

7.       It takes between 15 and 45 minutes for caffeine to have an effect on the body. The average person will eliminate half of the original amount consumed between 4-6 hours.

8.       The darker the coffee roast, the less caffeine present. For example, green, unroasted coffee beans have a very high concentration of caffeine. (Interestingly, the opposite is true of tea, in that darker teas are stronger.)

9.       In addition to its energising properties, caffeine is also proven to prevent the negative effects of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

10.   According to medical recommendations, 400mg of caffeine is a safe amount to consume daily. That's about 6-7 cups of tea, 4-5 cups of home brew coffee, 2-3 large lattes, 8 cans of soft drink, or 5 cans of energy drink.

Over to you

How many of these caffeine facts did you already know?

How many were new to you?

Are there any facts that we haven’t mentioned that deserve a place on this list?

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