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3 Coffee Themed Holiday Ideas

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

As the cold weather settles in for winter, many of us begin reaching for sun soaked holiday brochures and searching Google for a means of escaping the chilly winds, grey clouds and short miserable days.

Indeed, December and January are traditionally the most popular months for booking holidays and trips, with tour operators and travel agents tempting us away from home with myriad offers and discounts.

However, search high and low, as you no doubt will, it is unlikely that you will uncover a range of coffee themed holidays.

Which is why we here at Cafe2U have done the hard work for you and compiled some of our favourites.

So, without further ado, here are three coffee-inspired holiday destinations to consider when booking your next trip of a lifetime:

Luxuriate in a Japanese coffee spa


We stumbled across this nugget while browsing the excellent I Love Coffee Blog, which is well worth five minutes of your time if you love coffee as much as we do.

In Hakone Japan (where else!), which is just south-west of Tokyo, there is a hot springs amusement park where visitors can – believe it or not – bathe all day long in coffee!

As coffee does not spring from the ground (obviously), the amusement park staff simply fill up the baths with pre-made coffee every day.

But that’s not all – you can also take a dip in spas which are full of green tea and wine too.

Just remember not to drink the stuff!

Experience a plantation on a Columbian coffee trip

Columbia is famous the world over for exporting coffee – so what better place to experience what goes on at a coffee plantation than with a visit to this vibrant, up-and-coming South American city.

The country’s coffee region is located in the Quindío area of the Zona Cafetera, which in 2011 was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site owing to its historic plantation-style casa cafetera houses.

On a Columbian coffee tour you’ll hike around plantations, savour the stunning scenery and the lively culture, stay in an authentic plantation house, and, of course, drink some of the best coffee you will ever taste in your life!

Immerse yourself in history and culture with a London Coffehouse tour

The city of London has been crazy about coffee since the seventeenth century.

Well, 1652 precisely, when the world’s now-favourite caffeinated beverage was sold for the very first time by an eccentric, turban-headed Greek gentleman.

Today, you can take guided yours around the labyrinthine alleys, courtyards and basements of the city, revisiting the places where a nascent love for coffee transformed the city and led to an invigorating coffeehouse boom.

Many different historic coffee tours are available in the city, catering (quite literally) for all tastes and fancies.

Have you already experienced any of these coffee-themed holiday ideas?

Are you thinking of giving any of these trips a go next time you book a holiday?

If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions!

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