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4 Reasons You Should Own A Reusable Coffee Cup

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

With so many of us buying a cup of coffee every day, you don’t really need to see the figures to realise that it’s a bit of a popular drink these days. In case you were wondering though, last year in Britain more than £730 million was spent on coffee. We have about 500g of the stuff per person, every year (and considering there are a few people about who don’t drink it, we expect that in reality this is higher still). We’re not even the biggest drinkers; in the USA, there are 100 million people who are drinking 3.5 cups each every day, that’s no less than 350 million cups every single day.

The coffee trend is going from strength to strength, with plenty of purpose built coffee vans for sale on the market if you’re interested in jumping into the industry.

Unfortunately though, there must be some kind of negative impact of all this coffee consumption. Of course, as a thriving trade it provides employment for millions of people all over the world, both in production and in sales. The main issue which you can help with is the cups we use when we buy a takeaway coffee, whether it’s from a high street shop, or a coffee van for sale. There’s millions thrown away each year, whether Styrofoam or paper. They can take hundreds of years to fully degrade, and they take effort to manufacture and transport. And then they’re used for perhaps half an hour before being cast aside. How much more effort is it to join the reusable coffee cup revolution? Virtually none. 

Without further ado, here’s why you need to get involved.

Throw-away cups aren’t fit for purpose

You would think that for a cup which is designed to be used and thrown away it wouldn’t be built to last. Strangely though, this isn’t the case. 25 billion Styrofoam cups are thrown away every year, and they take around 500 years to degrade. It’s just not a sustainable option at all. Just think about your own consumption. Even if you only buy coffee three times a week that’s still 156 cups a year, every year. Buy simply using a reusable cup every time you buy a coffee, you’ll be doing your little bit to cut back on the numbers used.

While paper might seem a better option than Styrofoam, it’s a bit of a false economy. Whether you’re looking into coffee vans for sale or you just visit one daily, the cups you see will have had to be lined in order to stop liquid seeping through, so they’re not much better for the environment. 20 million trees are cut down each year to produce these cups, and the lining makes them much trickier to recycle.

Cardboard sleeves are extra paper which gets thrown away (even though you could reuse yours with every cup you drink). A reusable cup is better insulated so not only does your drink stay hotter for longer, you won’t burn your hand either, and you’ll be being much kinder to the environment.


Finally, we thought we should probably point out that coffee actually tastes better out of a quality cup! Bring yours along when you buy your coffee from a Cafe2U van and your barista will be happy to fill it up for you (you can buy one from our coffee vans for sale if you don’t already have one!)

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