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5 Desserts For Coffee Lovers

Monday, August 25, 2014

There’s a lot to love about coffee, whether it takes on the form of a drink or you’re using it in your cooking. This month has been National Coffee Month in the United States, and in September there’s another celebration in the form of international coffee day. It stands to reason then, that more than a few of us appreciate the complex flavours which coffee harnesses so wonderfully. We already know how much coffee is traded (more than any other food stuff, and it’s only bested by oil), but do you know how many things it can be used in?

We heard that some people don’t like sweet things and they don’t like coffee either, but as someone interested in coffee vans for sale we’d hazard a guess that that isn’t you.

Coffee flavoured desserts can be eaten with coffee, as a snack, or as a more formal dessert following a meal. There’s few limitations and with such a sophisticated taste there’s no need for this to be

Coffee Brownies

Kona Coffee Kahlúa Brownie Recipe |

Even if you only like a tiny bit of brownie to satisfy a sweet tooth, there’s not many people who don’t love a brownie. These versatile treats can be simple, or more complex with added nuts, chocolate chips, or even coffee. Coffee and chocolate go splendidly well together, which is why mochas are so successful. Follow this recipe for a delicious coffee treat guaranteed to sort out any chocolate cravings.

Cappuccino Ice Lollies

There’s nothing better on a hot day than an iced coffee, is there? Well, now your favourite beverage is available even more chilly. All you need to do is brew up some coffee (you could even buy in from your local coffee van for sale), and flavour to taste. This could be adding syrups or sugar, vanilla, milk, or just leaving it plain. Allow the coffee to cool to room temperature and then divide between moulds. Insert sticks and cover. Freezing will take around 6 hours, depending on your freezer, so you’ll probably want to make them the day before you actually want them.

Coffee cookies

We all know that a biscuit goes fantastically with any hot drink, whether coffee or tea happen to be your poison. As it happens, biscuits are really very easy to make, and they don’t take particularly long either (which is just what all coffee lovers like to hear!). This simple recipe will take less than an hour from start to finish, and they’re delicious when they’re fresh from the oven. Yum.

Mini Cheesecakes

How daring are you feeling? This is a guaranteed success, so if you’re willing to put in a little bit of work we would thoroughly recommend whipping up a batch of these amazing bite sized treats. Perfect for those looking at coffee vans for sale (we’d love if you sold these!), we’re talking an Oreo base which is layered with Nutella, cheesecake coffee, more Nutella and dark chocolate. There is nothing in these not to love. Follow this recipe to make beautiful miniature cheesecake treats.

Whether you’re looking at coffee vans for sale, or you’re just a huge fan of coffee drinks and their related desserts, we’d love to hear about your attempts with some of these recipes, or if you’ve found any other amazing coffee desserts that we should be trying too. There’s so many other there that there really is something to suit everyone, and the coffee chocolate combination makes an excellent option for both older and younger palettes. 

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