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Staff morale problems? - let Cafe2U help!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

It’s always been really important to motivate staff properly if you want to get the best performance possible from there. A happy workforce who feel appreciated will be more inclined to work harder for you, turning up on time, and doing overtime when needed.

Staff who feel undervalued are more likely to spend time looking elsewhere for work and are likely to work more slowly on their projects.

You can’t blame your staff for this; it’s likely that your whole workforce feels the same, and as a result your company is working at considerably reduced capacity. Hiring more staff isn’t the answer in the long term, as anyone new you take on board is likely to feel the same as your existing employees. You’ll be paying more money and just not seeing a return.

Bit of a nightmare.

What’s the answer?

It doesn’t need to be expensive or tricky to help keep your employees happy. We’ve got a simple solution which is really easy for employers to implement, which should make your staff a bit more cheerful.

A steamy brew starts the day off right. That hit of coffee being all that gets a lot of us out of bed in the morning. Even the rich smell as beans and the water come together. Beautiful. Simple pleasures are what make life that little bit better, and that little bean (which is technically a seed) is one of the best.

There seem to be hundreds of convenient ways you can get hold of a quick coffee these days, but in an office this might not be the case. Often people are still having to drink cheap instant coffee which just doesn’t cut the mustard. It doesn’t make you want to sip it slowly and enjoy, which is the most basic of beverages functions.

Studies have shown that coffee breaks can massively impact your staff’s work ethic. It’s the equivalent of having a nap on an overnight shift. You’ve been staring blankly at a screen for what feels like hours. Time for a break.

Helping your staff enjoy their breaks

A really, really good coffee in the office is near enough impossible, so we still frequent coffee shops up and down the country, and, lucky for us, towns are often saturated with them. If you’re on a high street then that’s perfect, but further afield you might struggle to get a coffee hit from anything other than your trusty old a kettle. And it’s never quite the same as a creamy latte from your local barista, is it?

We started our mobile coffee franchise because we know that sometimes you can’t get the coffee you want when and where you want it. Cafe2U is more flexible; by operating through mobile coffee franchises we can bring the caffeine directly to you, at events, to your work, wherever you need it. That’s the best thing about coffee vans. No one’s going to bring Starbucks to Mohammed, but we think that’s small minded.

So we’ll bring you Cafe2U anywhere, anytime you like.

By requesting a Cafe2U mobile coffee franchise at your workplace you’ll be able to make sure that your staff take that much needed break, nip downstairs and grab a coffee.

You’ll find that that break should help your staff become more productive, and they’ll appreciate the access to a better cuppa. Of course, if you were footing the instant bill in the past, there might be a bit of upset about having to pay in future. If you were providing a better quality coffee in the office it would be really expensive, so you might want to consider buying everyone their coffee on certain special occasions, like every Friday. As a gesture it will go much further than buying a jar of Kenco ever could, and the money you’ll save on staff costs will make it worthwhile.

Just search by postcode for your nearest mobile coffee franchise, and get in touch to find out more.

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