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A History Of Cafe2U

Thursday, August 14, 2014

In 2000, Cafe2U began what is now one of the most successful and well known mobile coffee franchises in the world in Sydney Australia. Back then it was just a one-van operation, but with an idea as strong as this, and the coffee revolution taking off globally, the pioneering concept can just at the right time. The Sydney van was a pilot for a scheme which could be rolled out anywhere, and it was a simple and effective way of testing the profitability of the concept.
In 2004 it was bought by its current owners, who had the drive and ambition to expand a concept which they could see had great potential. Franchising the business began, and the company was restructured so that it could work on a much larger scale, and so it would be suitable for markets in other countries. 

The Cafe2U brand was developed, and culture and core values firmly established: the products and the service would always be at the forefront, so it would be vitally important to the business model to train all new franchise partners completely, and offer ongoing support. It was also recognised that the coffee market was changing, and would continue to do so. Back when the business started, more people were choose cappuccinos as their takeaway coffee of choice, but now there is a lot more variety. You would expect variety in a coffee shop after all, so why not in a mobile coffee franchise?

The business plan offered everything which coffee shops can and more, delivering directly to businesses, and making high quality drinks more accessible than ever before. Most coffee shops have a high number of staff, which means that you never really get to know anyone. At Cafe2U this isn’t the case. The vans are usually run by the franchise partners who own them, which means they have a vested interest in making sure every single drink served is perfect, and every customer leaves happy. As an operation run by just one or two individuals, the customers and the baristas can get to know one another too.

The low risk of a franchise appeals to many people who are looking for more freedom in their working life without the risk of starting their own business. For a relatively low cost, the vans can be up and running in just a few weeks.

There is very limited competition because even now this isn’t something that many companies are doing. Each partner is assigned a territory, and work is divided based on this. Franchise development managers will work their way around franchises in their area, offering support and finding new businesses for them to visit.

While the business started in Australia, it now exists in the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, the USA and South Africa. Each market is slightly different, and there tends to be different regulations depending where the businesses will be set up.

As a mobile coffee franchise, we pride ourselves on serving only the best quality coffee, so we keep a close eye on production, as something as simple as weather can affect huge batches of beans, and therefore impact the blend quality.

With more than 150 franchises partners operating around the world, the business is going from strength to strength. The system works because of the hard work put in by development staff, the comprehensive business and expansion plan, as well as the dedication of each and every partner.

If you’re interested in getting started with our mobile coffee franchise, simply contact us for more information.

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