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A New Trend In Coffee Shops

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How many times have you been to a coffee shop, placed an order, waited patiently in line, eagerly grabbed your piping hot brew from the barista... only to find that there is absolutely nowhere to sit?

There’s an old man in the corner flicking through a broadsheet, a gaggle of students discussing what happened on the previous night out, an office-type making use of the free wifi to finish a last-minute report, and a bespectacled lady frantically jotting down the makings of her first novel.

All these people have one thing in common - apart from you wanting all of them to clear off so you can sit down and enjoy your coffee.

And that is?

Well, they all finished their teas, coffees and muffins a long time ago.

An in fact their coffee shop purchases are now nowhere in sight.

But they’re still taking up all the seats... the cheek of it!

So without another recourse, you head off into the bitter morning chill to find somewhere else to drink your brew.

Sound familiar?

The solution – a new trend in coffee shops


A trendy Russian coffee shop chain by the name of Ziferblat believes they have solved this problem.

The chain, which chiefly targets the younger hipper generation in London and Manchester, has completely changed the rules of how you pay for coffee on the High Street.

In this new coffee shop model, which began life in 2013, the coffee is completely free!

Instead, the customers pay 5p a minute for being there.

So that wannabe J.K.Rowling who’s spent 6 hours furiously bashing away at the first draft of her novel – while merely ordering one skinny flat white – will end up paying £18 for the privilege.

Alternatively, a hot-footed customer could drink a cup of coffee in 5 minutes and only end up paying 25p!

A history lesson

This isn’t the first time in history that patrons have been charged for the use of amenities – or spaces – in cafes and pubs.

Centuries ago, for example, drinkers at the local village inn would have to pay extra for a prized seat by the warm hearth.

In addition, the first ever coffee shop drinkers wouldn’t just pay for this exciting new drink – they would also pay for the privilege of reading a newspaper or – get this – for hearing other peoples’ gossip.

Over to you

What do you think about this new coffee shop trend?

Reckon it’ll catch on? Or is it the biggest load of hogwash since Peter Andre claimed he shops at Iceland?

Remember to get in touch with us here at the Cafe2U Blog to let us know your thoughts and comments.

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