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A Novel Way To Deal With Used Coffee Grounds

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nowadays, it seems, one can recycle virtually anything.

Of course, we’re all accustomed to recycling glass and plastic bottles, cardboard, metal – and some of us will even have a compost heap at the bottom of the garden – but you may be ignorant of the fact that you can also recycle some more unconventional objects.

For example, did you know that a company called Green Disk can find a home for your unwanted VHS cassette tapes?

Or that various websites can take your old running shoes off your hands?

And now you can add coffee to this list – as a UK-based company is finding a novel way to employ used coffee grounds… by turning them into furniture!


This new method is the brainchild of recycling expert Adam Fairweather who is using coffee grounds for a wide range of design products including the manufacture of furniture, jewellery and even coffee machines.

Screen Shot 2012-02-13 at 14.36.52.png

The idea came to Adam when he discovered that, on average, we use just 18% to 22% of the coffee bean when making a cup of coffee.

Fairweather explains: “The idea that it [coffee] already had this high value but we only use a little of it, that was interesting because I felt that there was a way of tapping into this perceived high value the product has intrinsically.”

He went on to say that: “My interest is that we can use materials that have a perceived value to them, to communicate and get people excited about the idea of sustainability and social change and environmental management.”

Fairweather first worked with coffee waste during the development of the Greencup scheme.

This venture provided offices across the country with Fairtrade coffee and subsequently recycled the used coffee grounds into fertiliser.

This new project, which is called Re-Worked, works with Greencup, so he has a ready supply of waste coffee grounds and a list of potential clients who may be open to the idea of other products made from their coffee waste.

You can find out more about Re-Worked by visiting the website at

Over to you

So what do you, Café2U readers, think of this innovative new application for used coffee grounds?

Would you like to see, one day, a Café2U mobile coffee cart manufactured from used coffee grounds?

As always, get in touch with us here at the Cafe2U Blog with your comments and suggestions!

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