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An Extra Cup: Helping Reduce The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Saturday, May 10, 2014

We like nothing more than hearing the things we love are good for us too. Usually the best things in life come with a bit of a bad reputation (such as wine, chocolate and protein), although that doesn’t always stop us. We still love a biscuit with our coffee, whether or not the sugar is bad for us. Our global coffee franchise opportunities are just more proof that we think everyone should have access to excellent espresso based drinks when and where they want them.

Another reason to love coffee

As it transpires, what we always suspected is true: coffee is a bit of a wonder drink, and our coffee franchise opportunities have been proven to be a great thing by extensive academic research. Not only does it get us through the working day, but new research led by Harvard School of Public Health has suggested that our very favourite beverage is also associated with a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes. It’s been proposed in the past, but this was a thorough study on a huge scale.

With twenty years’ of data on diet, lifestyle, medical conditions and chronic diseases from multiple studies, this is one of the most clear study to date about coffees impact on Type 2 diabetes risk. In three of the studies used there were a total 95,974 women, and 27,759 men. Every four years for twenty years the participants’ diets were evaluated using questionnaires. Other shorter projects were also used.

How much makes a difference?

Those who increased their coffee consumption by more than a cup a day (1.69 cups per day more on average) between surveys had a 11 percent lower risk of Type 2 diabetes for the next four years when compared with those who made no changes to their coffee consumption. It means that our coffee franchise opportunities are essentially providing a medicinal service.

"Our findings confirm those of previous studies that showed that higher coffee consumption was associated with lower type 2 diabetes risk," says Shilpa Bhupathiraju, lead author and research fellow in the Department of Nutrition at HSPH. "Most importantly, they provide new evidence that changes in coffee consumption habit can affect type 2 diabetes risk in a relatively short period of time."

"These findings further demonstrate that, for most people, coffee may have health benefits," adds Frank Hu, senior author and professor of nutrition and epidemiology at HSPH. "But coffee is only one of many factors that influence diabetes risk. More importantly, individuals should watch their weight and be physically active."

There’s been a lot of studies which have reinforced this: Researchers looked at data from more than 450,000 people in 18 studies, and found that for every extra cup of coffee drank a day, a person's risk of Type 2 diabetes decreased by 7 percent. Conversely, those who reduced their coffee intake by one cup or more per day were around 17% more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

For those who prefer a decaf option fear not: it seems that whether your cuppa is caffeinated or not it will still help to lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Our mobile coffee franchises opportunities are more than happy to help with the battle against diabetes, and it you want to help us, contact us today to get your workplace added to one of our routes, or to find out more about starting your own franchise journey with Cafe2U. Just one cup a day can help lower the risk, and conveniently, just one cup can help wake us up enough for work.

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