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Baristas - Know Your Coffee!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

If you’re looking at coffee franchise opportunities, you’ll need to know all there is to know about that potent little bean. By making yourself an expert in the field, you’ll be able to make everyone’s favourite drink beautifully every time.

Espresso will soon become your best friend. They are the ground work of all the coffee you’ll make as a barista, but they’re also pretty great in their own right. The Italians love espresso. The short and strong coffee concentrate should be drunk whilst hot. It’s the perfect little boost of caffeine if you need a wake up.

You’ll have to perfect espresso if you take us up on a coffee franchise opportunity, because if you get the base wrong, nothing else will taste as good.

A ristresso is a super strong shot. The extra concentrate gives an even thicker, richer coffee than espresso. A couple of these topped with heated milk, and you’ve got yourself a flat white – although some people make flat whites with espresso shots instead.

Americanos are so named because they are diluted with more water and so taste more like the coffee American GIs were used to. An Americano is a very basic coffee drink, simple and delicious; we expect you’ll be making a lot of these!


Alt: Fancy a standard coffee? Keep it simple with an Americano.

A long black is a bit like an Americano, except the water is added before and not after the espresso shot. There’s a bit more of it as well.

Cappucinos consist of an espresso hot topped with foamed milk. A babycino is just the foamed milk. No coffee at all makes them entirely suitable for little ones (as long as they’re old enough to be on dairy).  

A latte is an espresso which has been diluted with steamed milk. They’re really rich because the espresso is still sitting pretty undiluted by water, and you’ve used a lot of milk to get the taste just right. A perfect comfort coffee.

Machiatto is Italian for ‘stained’. A latte machiatto is a tall glass of steamed milk with an espresso shot dropped into it. Make up the espresso in a cup and steam milk in a second before dropping the shot into your milk. The way a latte machiatto is put together will produced a layered effect. To keep it authentic it shouldn’t be stirred – or you may as well have ordered a normal latte.

An espresso machiatto is a similar principle, but you start with the espresso shot and top it with a small dollop of milk foam. Rather than staining the milk, this time you’re staining the coffee itself.


Alt: Machiattos end up looking beautiful and layered, with minimal effort!

Mochas are a pretty sweet beverage with an extra caffeine kick. Take an espresso shop and top with steamed milk and chocolate to create a hot chocolate coffee hybrid. They’re perfect as a winter warmer. While a hot chocolate will satisfy some chocoholics, if you’re also a slave to your caffeine demons, a mocha is the only way to go. Chocolate also contains caffeine so a mocha is a better wake up drink than an espresso!

There is also a major port in Yemen with a similar which exports a lot of coffee. beans which travel through there are also called mocha – so be aware of the difference! All the beans you’ll be using if you decide to take on a coffee franchise opportunity will be standardised.

Once you’ve perfected all the drinks on your menu, you’ll need to get used to some strange requests. Some customers will order their drinks extra hot, or stirred, or particularly milky when it isn’t what you’re used to. If you’re able to make the basics quickly and with relatively little fuss, you’ll manage to pick up the more tricky orders too.

A coffee franchise opportunity could be a really great experience for you!

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