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Beer and Coffee: The Unlikely Creativity Sparks

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sometimes we all get stuck in a bit of a creative rut. No matter what your job is, or even your hobby, if it’s something you’ve been doing for a while then the chances are that you’ll have used a lot of your best ideas already. This is when it gets difficult. It’s important to learn from and grow because of the experiences you’ve had. Don’t be afraid to revisit ideas, repurposing them and giving them a whole new lease on life.

Sometimes a new business such as coffee vans for sale can be just the ticket to change your lifestyle and give you back your creative edge. Coffee vans for sale are a hugely popular industry for many people because it’s a new take on an old concept. By bringing drinks to the workforce, you aren’t contending with high street chains, and you’re eliminating the need for low quality instant drinks in the staff room. I wonder what was being drunk when that idea was first conceived.  

For many of us, anything which will help get those creative juices flowing is likely to be a plus, but would you consider beer or coffee more beneficial? Many of us will turn to coffee immediately – perhaps partially because it’s not entirely social acceptable to sip beer in the office at 10am on a Monday morning. Coffee helps you feel focused, and get your thoughts in order.

Your Brain On Coffee

Does a latte make you feel as if you can get more done, you can focus better, and you’re more in touch with what you’re doing? Do you chatter away without pausing for thought, or type relentlessly at your keyboard when the coffee buzz kicks in? Many of us do. With coffee vans for sale offering lots of delicious coffee based drinks from right outside your office, it’s easier than ever to buy great coffee when you’re at work (and when you need it most!).

Within five minutes of drinking your coffee, the caffeine in the drink will block the adenosine receptors from binding with adenosine which will trick your brain into thinking you have energy to spare (when five minutes ago you could see no other solution than a quick nap under your desk). The effect peaks between 15 minutes and two hours after you drink it – which also means that the effects last longer than that as well. If your body gets too used to this stimulation, you will start to need more and more adrenaline to give you the same pick me up that you would have experienced after drinking just a single coffee in the past.

And Your Brain On Beer

Interestingly, beer doesn’t slow you down quite as much as you might have thought. Experiments have shown that if you drink just some beer (this particular experiment was carried out after two pints which means a blood alcohol level of 0.07), then your creativity and ability to think outside of the box was increased. The participants were more effective at creative problem-solving tasks, but less effective when they were given memory tasks where they had to pay attention to their surroundings.

Alcohol gives you the ability to think creatively, whilst caffeine lets you carry through the ideas which you’ve come up with whilst under the influence.

The consumption of both drinks should of course be done in moderation, as too much will mean that you will lose the benefits. Neither is particular good when you need to carry out detail orientated tasks or analysis.

If you’re still interested in coffee vans for sale, remember you’re providing people with necessary fuel to carry out their everyday tasks.

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