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What’s The Best Time Of Day To Drink Coffee?

Monday, August 18, 2014

What would we do without science? We find results from research all the time which we’re not sure anyone actually needed to know the answers to. Sometimes this is really interesting, sometimes less so. Regardless, as a mobile coffee franchise, if there’s an optimum time of day to drink coffee then we are always interested.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/195lorr8oyhbwjpg.jpg

Usually, we’d drink a coffee when we drag ourselves out of bed in the morning. A cuppa with breakfast is a staple in countless countries all around the world. It’s basically tradition. But apparently, we shouldn’t be drinking our coffee first thing if we want to maximise the benefits of caffeine.

Mobile coffee franchises are often most popular for morning coffee breaks, and this tends to be the ideal time for most of our loyal customers. So why should we be waiting until later in the day?

Apparently, if we drink a cup of coffee first thing in the morning we blunt the energy-boosting effects of caffeine, which means you’re more likely to grow tolerant to it, and therefore whenever you actually need that little boost from a caffeinated drink you won’t be able to get it.

We all run on a hormonal cycle referred to as the circadian clock. We can mess up this cycle because of our lifestyles, but essentially these are genetically programmed rhythms which are regulated by sunlight. Cortisol is a hormone which makes us feel alert and awake – and it’s peak production (should) be between 8 and 9am. Which means at this time of day your body is already working hard to make you feel invigorated. So if you have a coffee at this time, the effect of the additional stimulant (caffeine) will be diminished, and by consuming caffeine when you don’t need it you will build up tolerance.

Another detrimental effect of caffeine drinking is that you can actually increase the production of cortisol if you drink caffeine when your body levels are at a peak. This means that you could heighten your cortisol levels which will disturb your natural body clock, and can cause other health issues.

Peak cortisol levels tend to be between 8 and 9am, 12 and 1pm, 5:30 and 6:30pm. You can use this information to work out the best time to give yourself a caffeine boost. So, between 9:30 and 11:30 and 1:30 and 5:00pm are the ideal times to have a sip of your favourite latte from a mobile coffee franchise. Of course, if you’re waking up considerably before 7:30am you might think about still relying on a little bit of coffee boost first thing. Everyone’s body clocks are very slightly different, so you might find that 5pm is much too late to have a cuppa, for example.

Science can only take us so far. If you’re finding that you’re drinking more and more coffee to experience the same little jolt that you used to get from a single cup, you’re probably building up a tolerance. Try and cut back a bit to help your body recover. A break from coffee will make your coffee breaks all the more satisfying when you reward yourself with a high quality beverage from your local mobile coffee franchise.

How much coffee do you drink a day? When do you have your first drink?

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