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Changing 85 lives for a community in the Amhara region of Ethiopia

Friday, November 20, 2015

Cafe2U has been raising funds for Project Waterfall during UK Coffee Week from 4th – 10th May 2015. Project Waterfall was developed to bring clean water to the communities which grow the beans that make the two billion cups of coffee drunk in the UK every year. 

"Ethiopia is the largest coffee producer in the world. Despite this, the country has struggled against fierce famine, drought, political instability and war in recent decades. More than 50 million Ethiopians don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water," reports Project Waterfall.

With Cafe2U’s support during UK Coffee Week 2015, Project Waterfall has been able to change 85 lives in the Burie Woreda – a district with one of the lowest levels of safe water supply in the region.

Cafe2U Managing director Tom Acland said:

‘This is the first time that the Cafe2U network has supported a charity which helps coffee growers and we’re very excited to be giving something back to the communities that support our livelihood. Without them, we wouldn’t have a business! This was a great opportunity for everyone to join in UK Coffee Weekand celebrate everything that is great about coffee!’

Meet Darou Nuri, who volunteers as a committee member in her village, responsible for managing the new water supply.  

‘I think that my children will have a better life than we have had now that they have clean water to drink, have a clean compound and clean clothes. They can go to school now as well. Nessie is my only girl and I will make sure that she stays on in school until grade eight, and if she can stay on longer and is clever enough, then I hope she can go to university too’. 

Over to you

Will you be involved in UK Coffee Week 2016 to help us raise more funds for coffee growers?

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