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Coffee: A Global Sensation

Monday, September 01, 2014

There are coffee trends and traditions all over the world because it’s something that’s universally loved the world over. As one of the most popular things in the world (not just drinks, just things. Of everything sold in the world coffee is the second most popular. Impressed?), it should come as no surprise that there are different ways of doing things depending where in the world you happen to be.


Whether you’re in an office in Prague or a café in Cairo, you’re bound to find plenty of people sipping on this delicious yet simple beverage. It’s why our mobile coffee franchise model is so popular – even if you’re not based in the city centre there shouldn’t be any reason why you wouldn’t be able to get high quality barista prepared drinks. It works because it’s something which people want.

Coffee exportation is a $20 billion business, and worldwide the industry is worth over $100 billion. That’s more than gold, in case you wondered. Every year people drink a staggering number of cups of coffee. With over 500 billion cups being consumed all over the world every year, Italy is working hard to maintain its reputation as a coffee nation, drinking 14 billion espressos every single year.

Obviously if the coffee industry wasn’t as popular as it is then there mightn’t be the demand for mobile coffee franchises which has helped Cafe2U become as a successful as it is. While quality speaks for itself, the general coffee culture really helped the business to get off the ground.

We’re not the only ones whose entire business essentially revolves around a bean though; coffee farms are the economic livelihoods of more than 25 million people around the world. That’s pickers, growers, tasters, and more who would be out of work without coffee culture. While a lot of the coffee consumed around the world isn’t technically fair trade, fair trade coffee is by far the most popular of these products. With so many people employed by this industry and the ongoing popularity of these products, it’s one of the most stable areas for those in developing countries to be working in. There are more than 50 countries around the world where coffee is grown, but 67% of all the world’s coffee is grown in the Americas.

While there are lots of different ways you can have your coffee in a café, mobile coffee franchise, or as an after dinner drink, there’s actually only two different types of coffee bean which are commercially available: the Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is by far the most common type of bean grown, making up 70% of all the beans grown because generally it’s considered to be the more flavoursome option, and therefore the tastiest. Robusta is more robust as the name suggests, making it more hardy and cheaper but not quite as delicious. More often this is what you’ll get if you’re buying instant rather than espresso from a mobile coffee franchise.

Coffee shops are, somewhat unsurprisingly, the fastest growing niche in the restaurant industry. More and more pop up all over the world on a daily basis, and the annual growth rate is a staggering seven percent.

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