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Coffee Myths Dispelled: Does Coffee Dehydrate You?

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Good news coffee lovers!

Another study has proven that our favourite drink isn’t as bad as people thought. Myths about coffee (as well as other types of food and drink, such as red wine and the high protein diet) have been plaguing its otherwise stellar reputation for years, but it seems that every day a new one gets dispelled.

If you were looking into mobile coffee vans for sale, now might be the time to invest. We always thought we were doing a public health service, and now science is backing us up. Coffee doesn’t dehydrate you, as some people have argued. In fact, it is as good at hydrating you as water is!

We’re not saying you should try and manage two litres of coffee rather than water every 24 hours. IT probably wouldn’t do your teeth a world of good, and trying to get eight hours sleep might prove tricky.

The study proved that coffee managed to keep your hydration levels up just as effectively. It makes sense really; coffee has even more water in it than we do!

The point of contention was always around the diuretic quality and the caffeine content of our morning hero beverage. As it transpires, neither of these are enough to counterbalance the water you’re taking in (unless you drink a lot), and so you’ll finish a coffee a bit more hydrated than you were when you started.

Here’s the science. The human body is made of 60% water. For it to operate at its best, it stands that as it uses water, you’ll need to replace it. All your organs and bodily systems rely on water to work. You’re able to maintain body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure better when you’ve had enough liquid.  

And the good thing is, that hydration doesn’t have to come from just water. While water and milk are your two most healthy options, there are all sorts of other water sources which you can turn to for your hydration fix.

Fizzy drinks, soup, fruit, smoothies, yogurt and good old tea and coffee are all hydrating as well.

One of the biggest dehydration culprits is alcohol. It is one of the reasons you might end up with a bit of a headache the morning after you overindulge. To overcome this, try and have at least one glass of water for each alcoholic drink you consume.

So your mobile coffee van is basically a medical facility. In an ideal world water is better for you than coffee, but does it wake you up on a Monday or get you through that 9am meeting? Didn’t think so. 


When looking into coffee vans for sale, you are going to want to know your product. Cafe2U is about providing a service, so we’re chuffed to hear that it does more than we suspected.

It’s important that coffee isn’t your only source of hydration throughout the day; some of your liquids should just be water. If that taste puts you off, try sparking, or pop a slice of lemon or lime in to give it a different flavour.

If you’re thinking about hydrating your local area (and making a bit of money while you’re at it), have a look at our information about coffee vans for sale, or contact us if you’d like to ask any questions.  

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