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Coffee Van Or Coffee Shop: 3 Reasons To Pick Cafe2U

Monday, September 22, 2014

Coffee lovers dream about making their passion their livelihood, and there has never really been a better time to get into the coffee industry. We believe that a job should give you at least two of three things. Firstly, is it something you enjoy? Secondly, is it something which allows you the time to do the things you want to do? Thirdly, does it pay enough that you’re comfortable financially? You might well find that even though your job pays splendidly, you’re working such gruelling hours that you don’t ever have the time to enjoy your money. If you really enjoy yourself but you’re not making any money then your work just might not be sustainable. It’s important to find a balance. You might not be able to find something which fully ticks all the boxes, but the closer you get, the more satisfied you’re likely to be.

When you’re looking to get into the coffee industry, you have two main choices. Are you looking at coffee shops for sale or a mobile coffee franchise? What is the difference?

Coffee shops for sale or vans?

Coffee shops have been on the rise for a long time. You’re likely to find at least one even in the smallest town. There is plenty of room on the high street, although your business will rely heavily on footfall. If no one walks past your new coffee shop for sale then you just won’t get any customers. It’s important that you’re in a good location where people walk past, unless you’ve got yourself a good enough reputation that people go out of their way to visit your café.

When you’re running a mobile coffee franchise, you can go where the business is which puts you at an immediate advantage. If a shop closes next to you and you’re a high street coffee shop, it can directly impact on your business in a very negative way. The recession proved that when a high street looks run down people are far less likely to go into the surrounding shops which are still trying to operate as normal. There is a direct domino effect which business owners will have to deal with. A lot of trade for coffee shops will come from shoppers who want to take a break from nipping into a thousand and one chains in search of the one object no one seems to be selling. If there’s no shoppers, there’s just no need for the coffee shops.

With a mobile coffee franchise you’ll be able to move around depending on where there is demand. This will often be at outdoor events, but one of your main sources of business will be to supply businesses with high quality drinks and snacks right to their doorstep. Many companies won’t have their own in house restaurant (although some large ones will), and those which don’t have to rely on brought in lunches and poor quality instant coffee. There will always be plenty of people who want to be added to your rota, so you’ll never be shy of business with a mobile coffee franchise.

With the flexibility this sort of business can provide and the joy you’ll get from doing something truly rewarding, the fact that you can make a healthy salary is almost a side note.

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