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Drink Coffee To De-Stress

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Over the years, coffee has been widely used to help people from all walks of life focus, whether for an arduous day of revision, a gruelling day of deadlines at work, or, as we explored in a previous Cafe2U blog post, an athletic event.

It has also been widely believed that drinking coffee can have a positive influence on stress, and now, according to a recent study, this assumption can be treated as a scientific fact.

The study

So, how was this fact decided upon?

Scientists conducted the study using mice.

Over a three week timespan, one group of mice was given caffeine in their drinking water, while the other group of mice was just given regular water.

At the end of this three week period, both groups of mice were exposed to a series of stressful situations which were observed and analysed by the scientists who were conducting the study.


These situations comprised shared living spaces, damp bedding, cold bathing water, food and water deprivation, and the mice cages being tilted at 45 degree angles.

(Perhaps they should have also exposed the mice to a day at the Cafe2U UK office – a very stressful environment that’s for sure!)

The results

The results of this study were wholly conclusive, showing that the mice who did not receive caffeine in their drinking water showed stress-induced changes in their brains and behaviour and the mice who drank caffeine did not and remained stress-free.

The explanation

That’s all well and good, you may be thinking, but why, exactly, is this the case?

Well, the scientists explained that during the experiment, the caffeine blocked certain adenosine receptors from causing a stress response in the mice.

In other words, the caffeine operated as mental blocker against stress signals, in a similar way to how acetaminophen blocks pain receptors.

For quite a while now, scientists all around the world have suspected that caffeine boosts mood, and this is now one of many studies that have traced a link between caffeine and reduced levels of depression, showing that caffeine is indeed a beneficial asset for cognitive function.

Over to you

Do you drink coffee to help you de-stress?

Do you find it helps?

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