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Drinking Coffee In… Jakarta

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Last month on the Café2U Blog we spoke at length about the delicious coffee and superlative coffee craftsmanship of Panama.

This month we are going to explore another country which is intrinsically linked with coffee – that is Indonesia, specifically Jakarta.

Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producing country in the world, behind, in order, Brazil, Vietnam and Columbia.

One of the most popular places to sip coffee in Indonesia is, of course, the country’s vibrant and colourful capital, Jakarta.

So to aid you, our readers, should you ever visit this amazing city, here is our pick of the best coffee shops in Jakarta where you can sample authentic Indonesia coffee.


1)      Phoenam

Phoenam is, without question, one of the city’s must-visit coffee shops.

It has a palpable sense of history since it has been opened for business since 1946 where, in its early days, it was a popular meeting place for the capital’s Makassarese community.

This historic – almost nostalgic aura – is enriched by the numerous older patrons who frequent the shop daily.

2)      Tanamera

Although easy to miss – the coffee shop is hidden in a small downtown commercial complex – Tanamera will give you an unforgettable coffee drinking experience.

Indeed, the coffee here is as good as it gets in Indonesia, as each drink, alive with subtle shades and flavours, is brewed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

However, because of this attention to detail, be prepared to wait a little longer for the barista to deliver the goods!

3)      Wisang Kopi

This tiny, vibrant coffee house, which is located in the Mampang Prapatan of Jakarta, specialises in espresso-based beverages.

Unusually, however, there is no espresso machine in sight at the rustic Wisang Kopi - instead, the shop implements a very unique human-powered espresso pump to produce the coveted black elixir.

What’s more, to lend to its informal atmosphere, visitors can lend a hand as baristas work on their brew.

4)      Trafique

Trafique is not so much a coffee shop, more a coffee drinking experience.

Indeed, the shop – which boasts a very welcoming and warm atmosphere – combines a roaster, a coffee bar, a coffee laboratory, and even dedicated space for having coffee-based discussions and cupping sessions.

However if you didn’t know Trafique exists you would never find it, seeing as it has no exterior sign – instead just look out for a bright yellow door!

Over to you

Have you ever been to Jakarta?

And if so did you visit any of these coffee shops?

Have we missed any more off the list?

As always, get in touch with us here at Café2U with your comments and questions!

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