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Five Reasons To Buy A Franchise

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Being an employee can be difficult. You have to put up with work practises which you don’t think make sense, and with management who don’t understand how things work on a day to day basis. It’s all very frustrating. Many people dream of escaping it all and running their own business their way. In reality, setting up a business from scratch can be wildly expensive, difficult, and there are absolutely no guarantees of success. The other option, which gives you some of the freedom you would have as the owner of a small business but with much more support, is joining a franchise. As a mobile coffee franchise we think this is a pretty good option, but because we’re not bias, here are the reasons why joining any (good) franchise can be a really great idea.

Established and proven brand

Unless you’ve got a really strong concept and a niche which no one else is filling, the chances are that when you start up a business you’ll be entering a market with at least some competitors. Just how many you’ll be dealing with will depend on the business, but it means you’ll need to carve out your own little patch and win customers. Your brand will need to be strong and recognisable, and that’s if your business even gets off the ground.

By joining a franchise you’re becoming a part of an established and proven brand. It’s a system which works, and which can work for you. There’s none of the awkward early years where you’re struggling to make a name for yourself because that name already exists – all you need to do is make sure you continue to represent that name in the best way you can.

Training and sometimes launch of the business provided

When you start a business you’re pretty much on your own. Yes, you might have a business partner, and you might have even done it before, but the learning curve will be steep. If anything goes wrong it could cost you your livelihood.

A good franchise will have an excellent training program in place to make sure you’re up to speed with everything you need to know about running the business. You’ll be provided with information you can refer back to, and often you’ll get ongoing support so that any questions or issues which crop up can be dealt with. If you’re not successful it can reflect poorly on the brand overall, so it’s in the franchise’s interest that you know what you’re doing.

Launching can be a difficult time, and for many businesses those first weeks can even be make or break. Cafe2U will help launch your mobile coffee franchise, holding your hand through those early days so that everything goes smoothly. Other franchises will offer similar assistance – but you can’t assume that this is included.

Ongoing regular and structured support

Franchises have staff whose job is to make sure you’re doing well. They will provide assistance, help you to flourish in a crowded market, and make sure your training doesn’t lapse over time. Regular and structured support is important as it stops you from feeling as if you’re completely alone in your new venture. When you join a franchise you join a family, and they should be there throughout your journey to help and support you.

Marketing assistance

Digital marketing, redesigns, newsletters, websites and strategies can all be expensive to conceive, design and produce, but if this is done centrally and then rolled out the franchise partners, everything is made much simpler. You’re helping the master franchise by spreading the brand and reinforcing the positive image, and they’re helping you by providing you with the necessary skills and tools to do your job.

Joining something exciting which is growing all the time

Finally, if you start a small business that is often it for most people’s entrepreneurial moments. If you join a mobile coffee franchise though, you’re becoming a part of something which is growing all the time. You avoid the stress and the pressure that this may entail, but your business still benefits from being a globally recognised brand.

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