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How A Professional Mobile Coffee Service Can Help Your event

Saturday, March 01, 2014

When you are organising an outdoors event in your area, you’ll need to think about catering. Whether it’s a bike race or a village fete, a fund raiser or a fireworks show, when there’s crowds of people there also needs to be refreshments. Sometimes you might want a selection of food outlets on hand, but a majority of the time a mobile coffee franchise will be the perfect solution.  

What should you look for?

There are many static coffee shops with the skills to cater for events, but because they don’t have the necessary equipment for service on the go they might need to hire specialist equipment which can raise costs considerably.

There are certain factors you’ll want to consider when looking for someone to provide coffee for your events.

  • Are they local?

  • Do they have a good reputation?

  • Are they fully insured and trained?

  • Can they provide hygiene certificates?

  • Will they attend large and small events?

  • How experienced are they?

Mobile coffee franchises such as Cafe2U are prepared for this kind of event at any time – which means if you need coffee provided on short notice, our professionally trained baristas will be happy to oblige. Cafe2U is a nationwide network of mobile Cafes. We have taken all the equipment, products and facilities from the gourmet coffee shop and put it into the back of our state of the art converted Mercedes vans. This means we can take the cafe to the customer, serving gourmet coffee, tea, hot chocolate and light snacks in any location, anywhere, any time!

Augusta of the Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice was let down just two days before her event. She contacted Cafe2U, and was we were quickly able to help her out of a tight spot. ‘I was very impressed with the quick and efficient response from Cafe2U. They found me an operator within hours.’

Why should you choose Cafe2U?


Our mobile coffee franchises are a popular choice at events up and down the country. All our lovely baristas bring our own supply of water, power and products, meaning the event organisers don’t have to worry about anything more than organising a Cafe2U van. It also means we can keep running even if there is a power failure elsewhere. Once the event has finished we simply pack everything back up and drive off on our way. It’s a fuss and mess free system which means that that event organisers can be sure that their visitors are getting a high quality service.

Cafe2U’s mobile coffee franchises fulfil all the criteria you might have. We’re really experienced, and often attend events of all sizes all over the country. Keep an eye open and you’re bound to see our one of our red Mercedes vans. With more than 50 outlets, there is bound to be a franchise near you. Local knowledge can be really helpful, as visitors to events might not know the area, so our coffee franchises can also double as mobile tourist information points!

If you chose a Cafe2U van for your event, you will be assigned a dedicated event coordinator who will help ensure that everything runs smoothly. With our proven track record and our food safety, electrical conformity, insurance and barista certificates, you can’t go wrong. We pride ourselves on our coffee. We’re sure you’ve been to events in the past where you receive poor quality instant coffee and watery tea at over inflated prices. Our award winning service guarantees that you’ll get the same quality of coffee as you would in a gourmet coffee shop – the perfect thing to warm you up at a chilly outside event!

We wouldn’t expect you just to take our word for it of course, recommendations with any sort of catering is vital. Richard held a successful supercar event at his De Vere venue: ‘After being recommended by a colleague, I got in touch with Cafe2U to arrange their visit. From initial contact to departure, they provided a friendly, efficient and high quality service.’

To book one of our vans for your event, fill in our online enquiry form. For more information or to have Cafe2U service any of your 2014 events please don’t hesitate to contact us on or call 08456 444 708.

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