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How Coffee Breaks Can Benefit Your Business

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Alt: Our Mobile Coffee Franchises are here to improve your coffee break.

We started our mobile coffee franchise because we know that coffee is fantastic, and its work based best friend ‘the coffee break’ is a wonderful little invention. Have you ever considered just how brilliant they are? You get to escape from the hubbub and just relax and sip that hot, comforting drink for a few lovely minutes. Bliss.

But the coffee break is good for you in more ways than you might realise.

Coffee Breaks Don’t Discriminate

Smokers are often allowed five minutes whenever their addiction calls. Their non-smoker colleagues would be left to pick up the slack, and they don’t get as much time away from their desks. The smoking break used to seem quite trendy from an outside perspective; you get to hang out with all the other smokers and discuss life.

Since smoking has fallen out of favour, and the smoking break has been forced outside even in the depth of winter, the coffee break has come into its own.

But the coffee break doesn’t discriminate. The coffee break is for everyone. Coffee on a coffee break is non-compulsory. Tea, water, and even a glass of orange juice are all completely reasonable options. If you went out with the smokers and didn’t smoke it would seem a bit odd.  

They Can Boost Productivity

There is evidence that coffee breaks improve productivity, and there are also reports which question the benefits, but here at Cafe2U we are highly pro-coffee break, which is why we deliver coffee to thousands of you every day straight from our mobile coffee franchises.

Sometimes your mind just seems like it isn’t functioning fully, and you’ve been looking at a screen for what feels like hours. You were more productive in your first 15 minutes in the office than you have been in the last hour. You just need a break.

It doesn’t take long to make a coffee – a bit of instant and some hot water is all you need. If you fancy something a little tastier you can nip out to one of our mobile coffee franchise and treat yourself. The break from the routine, and getting up and walking for a few minutes will help clear your head. It might even trigger a fresh perspective on that problem you’ve been working on.

Socialising Is Never A Bad Thing


Alt: The coffee break is still important, even if you’re really busy.

Sparking up a conversation also helps productivity, so a ten minute sit down with your colleagues in the staff room or at your desk while sipping a freshly made cuppa can improve your day.  If your breaks are scheduled so no two people are ever on break at the same time, you’re losing one of the coffee break’s best functions.

Coffee Itself Is Wonderful

The break is great, but so is coffee itself. Actually drinking java gives you a temporary boost to your body and your mind, making it easier to get through the day.

You are also more focused and therefore less likely to make mistakes, and will be able to concentrate more.

The coffee break literally breaks up the day, and can give you fresh perspective. You’re legally entitled to a break if you work enough hours, so make sure you make the most of yours.

The coffee break works almost as well as a power nap.

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