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How Coffee Can Lower Suicide Rates

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

There’s been a huge rise of coffee culture in the UK and worldwide since the mass adoption of the coffee shop. More and more of us are choosing to start our days with a lovely cup of delicious latte, or knock back an Americano on our breaks. And it’s not surprising really: the caffeine can pep you up (whether it's for work, play or hitting the gym), the taste is fantastic, and in the middle of winter there’s just nothing better than a hot drink to warm your bones. We run mobile coffee franchises all over the world to make sure everyone can get a high quality cuppa delivered to them at work.

Those clever folk at Harvard have been doing studies all over the place, and this one has found that once again, coffee is doing more for us than we might think. Everyone knows that coffee from one of Cafe2U’s mobile coffee franchises can give you a little pick me up when you need it most. But did you know it can also help lower risk of suicide?

How it works

The study found that those who drank between two and four cups of coffee per day had a 50% lower risk of suicide than those who drank decaffeinated, very little, or no coffee at all. There wasn’t much difference between those who drank two or three a day, and those who drank four or more, but there was a much lower suicide rate in these categories in general, making it harder to determine between the results.

There is evidence from previous studies which suggests a higher risk of depression in those who drank more than four cups of coffee per day. So it’s all about the happy (quite literally) medium when it comes to drinking coffee. The science behind it shows that not only does caffeine act as a stimulant to the central nervous system, it also works as a mild anti-depressant by producing chemicals in the brain. The recommended intake then, is two to four cups a day.

Who does depression impact?

Anxiety and depression are actually really common in the UK, and all around the world. Because it’s a mental disease and not a physical one, it can be difficult to recognise, and often goes undiagnosed. It’s estimated that around one in five UK adults suffer from these symptoms though, so anything we can do to help alleviate them is definitely beneficial.

The time of day, and how much caffeine you consume can cause wildly varying results. As we know, having coffee too late in the day can prevent sleep. Not getting enough sleep has also been linked with suicide and depression, so make sure you limit your coffee to the morning and the early afternoon for maximum health perks.

We talked before about how coffee has been linked to a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes, so really our mobile coffee franchises are providing secondary health benefits that you don’t even realise you’re getting. It’s great news for regular coffee fans and visitors to our mobile coffee franchises, but if we don’t stop by your offices at the moment that doesn’t mean we can’t. Simply get in touch with us!

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