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How Coffee Can Undo The Damage Of Heavy Drinking

Monday, March 30, 2015

The healthy properties of coffee have been very well documented over the last decade.

Here on the Cafe2U Blog, for instance, we’ve explored how drinking coffee regularly can help you protect against tinnitus, lose weight, reduce the risk of getting dementia, protect against diabetes, and even make you happier and more successful in life.

(Proof, if it were need, to justify all of our coffee addictions here in the Cafe2U office!)

And now a recent report has strongly indicated that a regular coffee intake can help protect against liver cancer, a disease which is all too common in heavy drinkers and alcoholics.

Globally, according to World Health Organisation figures, liver cancer has been one of the five most common sites of cancer diagnosed in men in 2012.

What’s more, in the same year, liver cancer was responsible for over 745,000 deaths around the world.


The findings

This new study, which was conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund, found that for each cup of coffee consumed per day there is approximately a 14% decreased risk of getting liver cancer.

To make its conclusion, the report analysed 34 studies - covering a total of 8.2million people of whom more than 24,500 had liver cancer.

However the report, which, two years ago, drew on the same information used to show that drinking coffee could also reduce the risk of getting womb cancer, did not recommend the amount of coffee we should be drinking.

And although these recent findings show that drinking coffee can potentially undo the damage caused by alcohol abuse, the World Cancer Research Fund, or the WCRF for short, made it clear that despite these protective qualities of coffee drinking just three alcoholic drinks every day may be enough to cause liver cancer.

The World Cancer Research Fund went on to estimate that, “The increase in risk per 10g of alcohol consumed – around one alcoholic drink – is about 4 per cent”.

The WCRF recommends that women should attempt to limit their alcohol intake to just one drink per day and men to just two.

Over to you

What do you think about this recent report and the many healthy properties of coffee?

Will it encourage you to drink more?

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