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How Drinking Coffee Can Help You Loose Weight

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The health market is choc full of supplements which make outrageous claims about helping you to "loose weight without lifting a finger" or "get shredded overnight".

You've probably seen them taking up window space at your local Holland and Barrett or elbowing their way onto your Facebook news feed, all shiny labels and exclamation points.

Truth is, the vast majority of these supplements are utterly useless and not worth one pence of your hard earned cash.

There is no health supplement out there that can make up for hard work and a disciplined diet when it comes to losing weight.

However, there are products out there which can certainly complement a strict and consistent regimen, and these products certainly aren't the magic pills that are rammed down our throats in excitable adverts.

Indeed, it might surprise you to know that one of the most effective dietary supplements - and easily one of the cheapest - is good old caffeine.


The science

So how exactly can a cup of coffee help you to loose weight?

Essentially it helps the body to burn excess fat by promoting it over carbs as our main energy source.

Brace yourself, here comes some science...

When we drink coffee, the caffeine induces a fat-releasing effect in our body called lipolysis, where fat molecules within fat stores are cleaved into free fatty acids (and glycerol).

This results in an abundance of  free fatty acids in your bloodstream that your body can used instead of carbs or lean muscle when it comes to fuelling exercise.

The combination of more free fatty acids and exercise therefore results in an increase in fatty acid oxidation, or fat burning.

Making the best use of caffeine

However, like any supplement, caffeine has to be used correctly.

There's a reason why everyone who drinks coffee does not boast an athletic physique!

Firstly, drinking too much caffeine can have a negative effect on weight loss by introducing elevated levels of a hormone called cortisol into the body, which, essentially, is the "anti fat loss hormone".

In addition, it is essential to exercise during the time your body is swimming with excess free fatty acids, otherwise your body will not take advantage of this fat burning potential.

If left unused, the free fatty acids will be recycled back into fatty deposits.

And, lastly, too many people add additional ingredients to their cup of coffee, such as cream, sugar, syrup, biscuits.

These calorific ingredients completely negate the fat burning properties of a cup of coffee.

The take-home

When it comes to drinking coffee to aid fat loss, make sure you drink in moderation, eschew all calorie-laden additions such as sugar, and drink prior to exercise (15 minutes before has been proven to be the optimum tine).

Are you thinking of introducing coffee into your diet regimen?

Already take advantage of its fat burning properties?

Any questions or comments?

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