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Properly Store Your Cafe2U@Home For The Perfect Cup

Monday, June 30, 2014

Our coffee vans for sale are specially equipped to give you everything you need to make the perfect espresso every time, and this included storage. Keeping your coffee correctly is a big part of keeping it fresh and flavoursome. If there’s excess air exposure, moisture, heat or light, then the end taste will be compromised. Glass jars of coffee beans on the table top might look great, but it will massively impact the flavour. If you do this, make sure it’s only for aesthetic reasons and keep your beans for consumption elsewhere.

So, forget everything you’ve been told before. You should not keep your beans in the fridge or in the freezer. There’s lots of moisture in these environments, and the beans are highly absorbent so any flavours will impact the end taste of the drink. The porous nature isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it helps the drink to take on the flavours of syrups or oils which might be used. The issue arises when the beans are surrounded by less palatable aromas. The other issue with freezing is you break down the complex oils which all contribute to taste.

Buy what you’ll use

You should try to only buy the coffee you’re going to use. That is, don’t buy more than you can use within one to two weeks as this is when it’s at its most fresh. Small quantities will mean that each cup is fresh, and you won’t have to throw anything away. Separate your coffee into smaller portions so you don’t need to constantly expose it to air, and store in air-tight containers.

Buying whole beans over grounds will give you a fresher cuppa. Think about it like a cake; would you buy it pre-cut, or cut it up days before you were going to serve it? Nope! The grounds have a much larger surface area so will go stale more rapidly than whole beans.

Pick a blend

It can be really hard to find a good coffee blend, so we’d recommend that you stick with a good one if you’ve found it. The Cafe2U@home range has been carefully formulated to give you the best drinks possible from the comfort of your own home when there’s not a coffee van nearby. Of course, if you join us by looking at our franchises and coffee vans for sale then you’ll have barista standard coffee whenever and wherever you want it!

When you can break the rules

You can freeze coffee if you’re buying particularly large quantities (more than your usual two week supply). These can be stored for up to month provided they’re in small portions in airtight bags. Once you’ve removed them, transfer to an air-tight container and store in a cool dry place as you would usually.

Make sure you’re brewing your coffee properly to get the most form it, and you’ll find that you’re taking coffee as seriously as a barista in no time. It’s amazing how much difference a few small changes can make to the taste of your drink.

Coffee professionals will get through much more than you will at home, so they can afford to buy in bulk. This is because they’ll be getting through it fast enough that even the last cup from the bag will still be fresh.

A coffee van for sale will give you all the equipment you need to create excellent coffee every time, and the professional barista training you receive if you become a partner will help you making coffee at home and at work too.

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