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Reigniting The Coffee Spark

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Coffee is undeniably a marvellous thing. The hot comfort of your familiar flat white can be just what you need on your break. But you visit the same mobile coffee franchise and order the same drink every day. The familiar can get a bit… dull. Sometimes you just need to spice up your order to bring back the spark.   

You’ll never stop loving coffee, but you don’t want it to feel like a chore. Let’s keep our addictions exciting. 

A Bit On The Side


Alt: There’s nothing better than a slightly bitter coffee and a slice of chocolate cake.

You can spice up your regularly by having a little something on the side. There is a lot you can add to your order.  While you’re out and about a cheeky little biscotti, a muffin or a croissant might be your best bet. If you’re standing, anything that can be a bit tricky to eat is likely to be considerably more faff.

Cake is fairly excellent with a coffee, but a cupcake will be easier than a slice when you get down to eating the thing. If you’ve just nipped out of the office to one of our mobile coffee franchises you’ll be able to pick anything you like to go with your coffee.

Whether it’s an independent shop or a mobile coffee franchise, most places where you can buy coffee will also sell sweet treats to go with them.

Chocolate and coffee go particularly well, because the rich sweetness of the cocoa bean offsets the bitterness of the coffee. We’re also big coffee cake fans because it combines two of our favourite things. Yum!


Add a bit of chocolate sprinkle, a couple of marshmallows, or some cinnamon to your beverage can make world of difference. Powders give your barista the opportunity to get a bit more creative with their coffee art as well, because it can make up a huge part of the design.



Alt: There are all sorts of syrups you can add to your coffee.

Syrups are thick, flavoured liquids which contain a lot of sugar. They come in lots of flavours; there are probably a hundred different nut based numbers. Syrups make quite a big difference to the taste of your coffee. If you haven’t tried one before, have a sip before you pile in the sugar and accidentally over sweeten your drink. And if you don’t normally put sugar in your cup, they might be just a bit too sweet for you.

A lot of coffee shops produce really popular seasonal drinks just by adding a splash of syrup to their bestsellers. A peppermint, cinnamon, or ginger syrup will make your latte feel extra Christmassy.

Change It

There is a whole world of options out, so there is absolutely no need to stick with just one type. If adding to your existing order isn’t enough, maybe you need to try something completely new.

Make it your personal quest to try all the coffees on the menu. You might find your tastes have changed and you’re no longer simply an Americano aficionado but a coffee connoisseur. You might not like all the types, but you’ll never know until you try them.

If you’re not sure where to start, ask your barista. If you’re at one of our mobile coffee franchises you know you’ll be talking to a professional who will make a brilliant beverage every time, but they’re also there to help. They’ll almost certainly have their own favourite, and maybe they have their own off menu drink which you’ll get to try.

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