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Some Of The World’s Strangest Cafes

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coffee drinkers can be an odd bunch of people sometimes (maybe there’s something in the coffee beans).

Indeed, the world is full of many wonderful and bizarre coffee shops, from those that charge patrons by the minute instead of per beverage to some that are rather dubiously themed around the Third Reich (it’s true!).

In light of this madness, we here at the Cafe2U blog have taken it upon ourselves to compile a brief list of some of the world’s strangest cafes.


Cat Cafes


Cat cafes started life in Taiwan and quickly became popular in Japan, where they are called ‘Neko’ cafes.

The basic premise is that you pay to use the facilities of the cafe per minute – which chiefly comprise an army of cats (which aren’t yours) wondering around.

If you think this is something that would only appeal to mad easterners – think again, as one of these cat cafes has just opened in London (Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium) and there’s plans to open one in Birmingham too!  

Wool Cafes

At the Laniato cafe in Vienna, patrons can enjoy a cup of coffee while, you guessed it, partaking in some good old fashioned knitting.

The cafe sells some high-quality wool in addition to some specialist knitting magazines for inspiration, and also provides regular knitting classes which are helmed by the cafe owner Ms Topsy Thun-Hohenstein and her daughter.

Treehouse Cafes

In Japan (where else), you can find a coffee shop twenty feet above the ground... in a tree.

The Nanja Monja Cafe is located in Yokohama’s Mitsuzawa suburb.

Actually, although it looks like a real tree, it is in fact a very authentic looking replica, with a built-in elevator and spiral suitcase, as well as fantastic ocean views and, reportedly, amazing coffee.

However, being confined to a tree, the coffee shop doesn’t provide much space... so be prepared for queues of over an hour to get in!

Cafe Jack

In the middle of Koreatown in Los Angeles there is a truly bizarre coffee shop named Cafe Jack.

Cafe Jack was built in homage to the selfsame character in the smash hit movie Titanic, and it literally looks like a vast ocean liner that’s run aground in the middle of bustling LA... just with coffee and bagels!

The walls are plastered with Titanic memorabilia and the coffee shop owner reportedly spent over a year sourcing furnishings similar to those in the movie.

Over to you

Have you visited any of these eccentric coffee shops?

Are there any more that we should add to the list?

Don’t forget to leave us a message!

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