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Surprising Coffee Facts

Monday, June 29, 2015

Chances are, if you’re a regular reader of our coffee blog – or even if this is your first time here – then you will fancy yourself as somewhat of a coffee connoisseur.

However, the following list of surprising coffee facts might… well… surprise you!

So, make yourself comfortable, pour yourself a piping hot brew (naturally), and take five minutes out of your hectic day (you’ve earned it) to enjoy this collection of eye-opening coffee information…



Coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity, second only to crude oil.

It is also one of the world’s very oldest commodities too.


The world’s very first webcam was created because of… you guessed it, coffee!

In 1991, scientists from Cambridge University created a basic webcam so that they could monitor their coffee pot from the comfort of their own desks.

Coffee Balls

When the effects of caffeine were first discovered, coffee was not enjoyed as a beverage.

Originally, coffee beans were ground up along with animal fat to make small “energy balls”.

It wasn't until the 14th century that roasting coffee beans became commonplace.


For the average human being, the caffeine in coffee takes between 30 and 60 minutes to reach peak levels in the bloodstream.

However, according to the results of one study, this time could sometimes be as little as 10 minutes.


Scientists have shown that to get the most out of coffee you need to drink it between the hours of 9:30am and 11:30am.

This is because during this window your body’s cortisol levels are at their lowest.

Cortisol is the hormone that makes you feel alert and when those levels drop, it's the best time for coffee; conversely, drinking coffee when cortisol levels are high creates a tolerance to the drink, requiring you to drink larger quantities and stronger varieties.


Although it may sound counter-intuitive, dark roast coffee actually has less caffeine than lighter roasts.

This is because the process of roasting to a richer and stronger flavour burns away some of the caffeine.

Over to you

So, you may already know, like most of us, that coffee perks you up, tastes delicious, and leaves your breath somewhat unsavoury… but did you already know any of these coffee facts?

Are there any other eye-opening coffee facts that you feel we should add to this list?

As always, remember to get in touch with us here at the Cafe2U Blog, as we love hearing what our readers and customers have to say!

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