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The Benefits Of Providing Staff With Coffee

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The figures don’t lie: the British work force loves a coffee. While it might not be everyone’s drink of choice there are plenty of people who couldn’t imagine a Monday with a hot cuppa to start the day. After water, coffee is the most consumed drink in the world, even with fierce competition from British favourite tea. We get through tonnes of coffee globally every year, but in the office there is a shocking lack of the quality stuff. Yes, a tea bag is more or less just a tea bag, and assuming you give it enough of a chance to infuse you can’t really go wrong. But not all coffee was created equally.


Instant coffee might have brought the beverage to the masses, but we’re better than that, aren’t we. Instant coffee just isn’t as good as the real deal, which is why we’re proud to bring our mobile coffee franchises to places of work so that you can get professional barista made coffee no matter where you work.

More and more bosses are seeing the benefits of providing their employees with drinks. A coffee in the work place has been proven to boost productivity, although a low quality won’t be as appreciated as a high quality beverage. Looking after your staff makes them feel appreciated and motivated, but there’s more than that as well.

Providing free coffee in the workplace can boost productivity. On average, workers will drink 3 cups of coffee every day they’re at work. That’s 65% of all office employees.

Coffee’s popularity is evident by how many outlets you’ll see in the high street. Unfortunately though, the high street is rarely where offices are, and so it can mean settling for instant, or sending interns on ridiculous coffee runs. A mobile coffee franchise can mean that you can get the drinks you love, when and where you need them most.

Coffee has been shown to make people more alert, more logical and more even more vigilant – all excellent traits to have around the workplace. So why not provide you staff with great drinks by contacting your local mobile coffee franchise and have your workplace added to their rota.

The vast majority of jobs will involve at least some IT work – and more commonly you will spend most of your day staring at a monitor. For every hour of work you should spend at least five minutes away from your desk. This will help to prevent muscle pain, eye strain, and it can boost morale. More and more people are skipping their lunch breaks and working through. The logic is usually that you’ll be perceived as a hard worker, and you’ll get more done. Surprisingly though, working too hard can lower your productivity levels and rather than getting everything done, you’re just working less hard for longer.

Fill those breaks up wisely. Instant coffee just isn’t great, so providing a service where your staff can get high quality coffee at work is bound to be a success. A mobile coffee franchise can be all it takes to give your staff a huge boost in productivity. We’ve always advocated bosses buy on Fridays. It’s a simple way to show your staff that you appreciate them, and it doesn’t cost much either. What’s a few coffees if it means your work force are much more productive at the end of the week?!

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