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The Importance Of The Blend: How Cafe2U Achieves Its Unique Taste

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Cafe2U coffee blend has received multiple Australian and international coffee awards in both the espresso and milk based categories. The business remains as the only mobile coffee franchise opportunity to be recognised in these competitions. However, without the awards Cafe2U’s unique and full bodied blend would still speak for itself, it just takes a cup for the quality to shine through.

A lot of the taste can be put down to the high quality machines we uses, and the highly skilled, professionally trained baristas who have taken on a coffee franchise opportunity and pride themselves on producing high quality drinks every time. But even the best baristas won’t be able to make the most of the beans if the beans themselves are no good to start with. A poor quality blend makes a poor quality cup – but what is a poor blend?

There are three main factors which go into getting the right coffee beans for your espresso based drinks. The sourcing, the blending and the roasting all need to be right in order to give the barista the best possible coffee to work with. Each of these three parts are as important as the machine used, and the training the barista receives.

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Coffee is grown in a lot of different locations across the globe. The bean itself and where it is sourced from has a huge impact on both the flavour and the aroma of the drink (the two elements which go toward producing the full sensory experience we all know and love). The right beans can be considered the building blocks of the blend.

It’s important to remember that while each type of bean (be it Arabica or Robusta varieties) will have different flavour characteristics, that the area and growing conditions will also influence taste. Weather, growing conditions, and even the soil the plants are growing in will affect the flavour to a degree.

A coffee expert will be sent around varies plantations and sample the beans grown there, picking only the highest quality to become part of the blend. The beans are hand-picked and processed using various methods depending on the plantation as well as the coffee type.

Blending and Roasting

Blending is a process which is pretty much how it sounds: that is, beans from different sources or types are combined to achieve a particular quality in the coffee, whether that’s a bolder or richer taste, a more full body, or an earthier aroma. There’s a lot of different qualities to coffee, with aroma, acidity, body and flavour being the four tasting terms used to compare and contrast different blends.

This method is used to give a better coffee than can be achieved from a single type of bean.

Once the recipe is decided, the beans are either blended before or after roasting. This process helps to release the natural oils within the bean, and unlock the flavour and aroma which makes coffee great.

At Cafe2U, we use traditional Probat roasters for all our beans, ensuring that they’re roasted for at least 15 minutes to maximise the flavour produced.

So what goes into Cafe2U’s signature blend?

Our coffee franchise opportunities are so popular because we offer a truly high quality product. That means that we put a lot of thought into the blend for our signature espresso. By using a combination of single origins roasted perfectly, we’re able to create smooth, full bodied and balanced cups with sweetness, fruit, and even subtle notes of chocolate.

We use: 

  • Honduras SHG for sweet acidy, nutty notes and a soft finish. 
  • Indian Mysore for it’s smooth chocolate note and balanced creamy texture. 
  • Ethiopian with sweet berry like notes, full flavour and earthy chocolate finish, as well as subtle apricot notes. 
  • Uganda for depth, body and a persistent flavour which goes right through milky drinks. 
  • Brazillian helps to balance and compliment the other origins with its smooth milk chocolate flavours, nutty notes and medium body.

To try our unique blends, simply pay one of our coffee franchise opportunities a visit, or drop an email to to order Cafe2U@home.

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