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The Rise and Rise of Coffee Culture in The UK

Friday, February 14, 2014

In Italy, it is the norm to drink a lot of coffee. In fact, it is actually considered strange if you decline a cup. A morning macchiato followed by espressos through the day, the Italian’s are known for their coffee love, and it’s a passion which has been spreading around the world with fresh coffee franchise opportunities popping up all over the place.

There are set rules about how coffee should be consumed in Italy. For example, milky coffee is exclusively a morning drink. The coffee that you drink after meals should always be black. Coffee should be drunk as it is served, and all our syrups and creams and other types of more exotic brews would be shunned by the Italian connoisseur!

Other nuances of Italian coffee consumption include:

  • Coffee is drunk on the go and standing up. It should be downed in one. Glad you didn’t go for that latte now aren’t you?!

  • Speaking of downing it one, coffee in Italy is served at the right temperature for you to drink it straight away.

  • You’d also never order “an espresso”. For our Italian friends, this is a technical term but it is also the default. If you order “un caffè”, you would receive an espresso.

In Italy, coffee is a lot more than just a drink. It is a passion, a way of life, and a drug that a whole nation is addicted to.

While the stricter side of coffee consumption rules haven’t yet permeated our little island, there has been a substantial growth in coffee culture over the last decade. In the past, we didn’t do coffee well. Instant was all we needed. Since then though the growth in the UK coffee industry has been unrelenting. There’s a coffee shop on every street through town, and they’re rarely empty. A generation grew up watching Friends spend hours in Central Perk, sipping on hot cups of coffee, and that generation wanted in.

With the growth of the industry, and Britain’s growing love for truly quality beverages, there has been an influx of coffee franchise opportunities. While pubs go out of business, the humble coffee outlet is here to stay in all of its many forms.

When you don’t work in a town though, it can be difficult to guarantee a good coffee. Despite our old habits, instant is just not good enough anymore. You can buy machines to make coffee at home, but it can be expensive, and unless your beans stored properly before being freshly roasted and ground, the taste just won’t be the same.

Few employers will want to splash out on the luxury and the cost of a professional coffee machine. The best coffee isn’t instant, and it takes time and skill to prepare. As quality coffee can barely be considered a luxury at all anymore, rather a way of life, you should demand better. Coffee franchise opportunities such as Cafe2U’s mobile coffee vans are able to bring  premium quality espresso based coffee made by highly trained barista straight to you at work. If there isn’t any other coffee shops or franchises nearby, they can be an absolute god send.

Mobile coffee franchise opportunities are growing in popularity just like the drinks they serve. There are plenty of places where it wouldn’t be viable to have a static coffee business, but with a mobile model, baristas can go where they’re needed, maximising profits and making sure no remote corners of our isle are left to suffer through dreary cups of rubbish coffee. Say no to instant, and yes to coffee where and when you need it.

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