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The Rise Of The Home Coffee Market

Saturday, May 31, 2014

We’re getting used to really great coffee. It’s not a bad thing; everyone should have access to quality drinks and not substandard instant which just isn’t as good. It can end up watery and weak, and just not what you want. We’ve a sneaking suspicion that at least some of the people who don’t think that they like coffee just hasn’t had the right cup yet.

The progression of coffee culture has been steady. Starting with coffee shops on the high street from chains and independent cafes. As you might know, coffee has been around for more than 700 years, and for more than 300 years there has been coffee shops.

More recent additions have been the concept of mobile coffee franchises, a concept Cafe2U has been running for over ten years. Mobile coffee franchises are fully operational cafes tucked into the back of a modern Mercedes van.

At home, for many years, instant coffee was almost the only option (without investing in coffee shop grade espresso machines, grinders and roasters, and having to pay industry level prices for them). Now people have tasted a better degree of coffee on the high street and in their places of work though, instant is ceasing to be good enough. More and more people are looking to achieve the coffee shop or mobile coffee franchise taste at home.

Cafe2U have crafted their own at home bean selections – Cafe2U@home – so that you can create your own cups at home as well. This is available either as beans which you can grind at home for extra freshness, or in the form of grounds, ready to go straight into your cafetière.

Home Brewed

There are loads of better ways to achieve coffee perfection from the comfort of your own home – but they all start with the right beans. Find a great blend, and make sure they are freshly roasted (the longer they are left before use the more the taste deteriorates). Cafe2U’s blend has been perfected over time, making Cafe2U@home a great option – you already know it’s a good one because it is the same product you can buy from our professional baristas and their mobile coffee franchises.

After you’ve settled on a blend we recommend that you buy little and often rather than in bulk so your beans stay fresh. You’ll then need something to brew your coffee in. In ‘bean to cup’ espresso machines you can put your Cafe2U@home coffee beans straight into the grinder compartment, and watch as beautiful hot espresso pours into your mug. With other machines, you will either need to buy the pre-ground version, or make sure you have a grinder to do this yourself.

There are loads of different home brew techniques out there, from mini espresso machines to stove-top and the pod style coffee makers such as Nespresso. We’re going to talk you through how to use one of the most simple and effective methods you can use with your Cafe2U@home grounds though – and there’s no need for expensive machines at all.

The Cafetière

  • To get the best from yours, heat the container slightly by adding a small amount of boiling water. This will help keep the water you add to the coffee grounds hotter for longer, and therefore allow you to achieve a better quality cup. 
  • Bring the kettle to the boil, and then allow to cool slightly to prevent the grounds from burning and giving you a bitter tasting coffee. 
  • Pour away the water you’ve placed in the cafetière.
  • Place the grounds into the cafetière. You’ll need two level tea spoons of grounds per mug for the best results. 
  • To this, add a small amount of the just-boiled water and stir. Then, top up to the desired amount and stir again. 
  • Put the lid back on the cafetière (with the plunger raised), and leave to brew for four minutes. 
  • You can then push the plunger down, slowly but firmly, to trap all the grounds at the bottom of the cafetière. 
  •  Enjoy!

To buy Cafe2U@home, speak to your local franchise partner, or contact head office directly where we will be happy to help.

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