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There's Something About Coffee Shops

Saturday, January 18, 2014


There is a lot to be said for the humble coffee shop.

They’re a bit of a safe haven where you can turn in your hour of need. They’re used by writers and shoppers, business men and young mums. No one is excluded from the joys of a coffee shop – with all the choice available, you don’t even need to be a java fan to get involved.

Are you researching coffee shops for sale because you have thought about the atmosphere, and how much you love a good latte? Or are you looking into it as a viable business venture which you can see yourself making your fortune doing.

We’ve put together a little list of reasons why we think the coffee shop is here to stay – and if you’re looking at coffee shops for sale, you’ll probably agree with us!.

You Don’t Have To Make The Coffee Yourself

Never underestimate this one. You might think making coffee is a simple task, but if you want a really good cup it’ll involve freshly roast beans, an espresso machine, and some incredibly hot steam. If you’ve yet to wake yourself up with your first cup of the day we could see that ending badly.

No More Instant

The office kitchen was once plagued with the murky brown water which is a horrible cup of instant coffee. Yes, you can buy a passable instant coffee these days. Yes, if you wanted to you could invest in a cafetière and some grounds. But will you?

No. You’d have to hide the thing all the time. Everyone would want to use it. No one would wash up.

It would be a nightmare. Instead, just slip out to a local coffee shop, or arrange for a mobile coffee van to visit your work just in time for the mid-morning slump.

A Bit Of Peace and Quiet

You might think that the hubbub of a coffee shop wouldn’t really be conducive a good working environment, neither are open plan offices. Creative writers use coffee shops as extensions of their slightly not big enough flats.

With soft chairs and beautiful leather sofas, a coffee shop can be somewhat like a better (albeit communal) version of your living room.

Getting Away From It All

Whether you’re hiding from the rain, passing an hour until your train, or just taking a load off, there tends to not be many climate controlled places you can sit for an hour, either with friends or buy yourself, and only need to spend a couple of pounds.


Maybe this point is similar to the first, maybe it isn’t, but the most important thing about anywhere that serves coffee is the drink itself. It just doesn’t taste the same at home, and few offices provide a truly quality cuppa.

If you work in a town centre, there is likely to be a coffee venue of some kind nearby. The influx of the coffee shop has worked very much in the favour of cappuccino lovers the world over. The issue arises when you work in the outskirts. Business parks and offices blocks aren’t always nestled next to a convenient coffee vendor. 


When you’re looking at coffee shops for sale, consider what the service you’re providing is and decide on a location which will fill that purpose. If you don’t like the idea of rent and bills, think about buying a mobile coffee van instead!

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