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Which Biscuits Are Best For Dunking?

Thursday, September 04, 2014

If you’re looking for a coffee van for sale, or you’re just interested in coffee in general you will be interested to learn that hundreds of studies into coffee are undergone every year.

We’ve learnt that the world does a lot of studies into all sorts of different subject matters, and some of these studies we really wouldn’t mind being part of ourselves. There’s been research into the effects of eating chocolate which we certainly wouldn’t have turned down. A study this year has been carried out into the very important field of biscuits, and more specifically, which of the nation’s five favourite biscuits were the best on the market for dunking. That’s important stuff!

Each variety of biscuit had an optimum dunking time as well, which is down to the structure of the biscuit itself. Obviously you want to give your biscuit a chance to take on some tea or coffee but too long and the proverbial (or in this case literal) cookie could crumble before your very eyes.

Oat biscuits were the first to crumble, after just four seconds submerged in your drink, while it took slightly longer for Ginger Nuts to succumb to the same fate. Digestives came out very slightly better, managing to hold their structural integrity for as long as five seconds. These three varieties were best dipped for two seconds in order to get the balance just right.

Chocolate digestives could stay in the liquid for up to 11 seconds, while the clear victory was Rich Tea biscuits, which lasted a whopping 20 seconds. For the best chocolate dunk, you should avoid leaving your digestives for longer than three seconds. While the biscuit itself was okay for up to 11 seconds, the chocolate starts to come off around the four second mark.

The Rich Tea needed longer to absorb the liquid, and offered a lot more flexibility than its biscuit counterparts. You could dunk for between seven and fourteen seconds and still have a thoroughly enjoyable biscuit.

It’s better to dunk in a slightly cooler drink too, as the very hot liquid will speed up the time of detrition and you’ll end up with your biscuit crumbling a lot quicker than you might otherwise. Another variable worth considering is that whilst the type of hot drink doesn’t affect the dunking time, high fat drinks such as latte or creamy coffee can make the biscuits themselves taste better, because the fat adds another dimension to the dunking experience. When you’re considering a coffee van for sale, it would be remise of you not to remember that a biscuit can be a cuppas best friend, and your patrons will thank you.

Of course, science can only go so far. This particular study focused on stamina and not the actual taste of the biscuits (which is arguably far more important). There were a number of very popular dunking biscuits (in our opinion) which weren’t included at all, and perhaps slightly suspiciously, the study was commissioned by biscuit giants McVitie’s and not an unbiased source. With texture and more to consider, we feel like we could definitely delve further into this particular field, and come out with much better substantiated results. Perhaps if you’re looking into a coffee van for sale you could do your own experiments!  

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