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Why You Might Be Due A Career Change

Friday, September 12, 2014

Do you ever find yourself pining for a new career? There’s plenty of people who do. In fact, only about 19 percent of all employees are completely satisfied in their job. There’s no good time to decide to pack it all in for a new career, or to leave employment behind altogether and move into the wonderful world of small business ownership.

There’s a lot of risk changing your whole lifestyle later in life. It can be you have to take a course or retrain in order to get up to scratch, and even then you’re likely to have to come in at a lower position than you’ve been working at, and therefore take what might be a fairly hefty pay cut. Those who change careers later in life often have transferable skills and therefore work their way up the corporate ladder more quickly than they would have if they’d come in straight from university or from college in their younger years, but it can still be a while until they are on a comparable salary from others who have been working in that industry for years.

If you decide to make a change, either to a franchise, to a different discipline, or to start your own business, be sure you know why you’re looking to change.

  • Is it because you don’t like the way the company is run?

  • Is your role too stressful?

  • Is it the job itself that you don’t like, or the people who manage or work alongside you?

There are countless reasons that your job might not be right for you, but make sure you’re not making a rash decision because you may well just not enjoy working in certain environments which will mean that you’re going to end up resenting other jobs in that format. If an office job isn’t for you, then it will never be for you regardless of what you’re doing in that office.

A coffee van for sale is likely to be very different from any other job you’ve ever worked in. You will have a lot of freedom over where you can work, and you will have a lot of time speaking and interacting with people, despite being your own boss. Often the head of a company won’t have much experience of their business on a ground level, but if you’re interested in a coffee van for sale and you’re a franchise partner, you’ll be able to do exactly that. If you’ve ever watched an ‘Undercover Boss’ style programme you’ll know that many of the bosses of big companies have worked their way up, but have often lost touch at what’s happening lower down in their company, and as a result the company doesn’t succeed.

To make sure you’re successful, a micro business model like that of a mobile coffee franchise is often perfect. Look at franchises, or a coffee van for sale, train as a business owner and make sure you give exceptional customer service, and of course you’ll need to make a cracking latte too. Many people look at a coffee van for sale after being in another business, so it’s proven to be something that you can be successful in, whether it’s your first career or your fifteenth.

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