What to buy for the coffee lover in your life

Saturday, June 28, 2014
Buying gifts for anyone can be tricky. If someone’s got a passion then the chances are they already have more than a few things which relate to it. That means that, for the coffee lover, a mug might not be the answer. Thankfully, we’ve come up with a few ideas to take all the hard work out of present shopping - and there’s plenty more obscure and interesting gifts out there as well. So sit back with a cup of your favourite coffee, and get ordering.

The travel mug

It still surprises us that not every coffee addict out there doesn’t have one of these already, but for some reason plenty don’t. Yes, if you visit a mobile coffee franchise or grab a takeaway from your local high street chain they’ll be able to give you a perfectly adequate paper cup, but it’s not all that good for the environment now, is it?

Travel mugs have come on leaps and bounds, and you’ll find that it’s a much more enjoyable experience drinking from something a bit more substantial than it is to drink for a throwaway paper number.

Cafe2U offer their own travel mug, which means your drinks will stay at their best for longer – perfect! Speak to your local mobile coffee franchise or contact head office if you’d like to purchase one.


It might sound obvious, but great brew at home coffee is one of the best presents that a coffee lover can receive. It might not be the most exciting, but a truly excellent blend can be really hard to find, so if you’ve tracked down a good one (like Cafe2U@home which you can buy from your local mobile coffee franchise), you should share it with the coffee lover in your life.

There’s also lots of mail order ‘coffee clubs’ out there which you can buy gift subscriptions for so that a new blend is delivered each month if you’re looking for a gift which keeps on giving.

A quality brewer

While this is likely to be something which your die-hard coffee fan pal will already own, we think this is a must for any coffee drinker. The quality of your drink will be much improved, and you can get rid of those nasty instant granules. For anyone who likes a filter coffee, a metal filter will prevent the need for those wasteful throwaway paper versions.

For someone who always seems to be in a bit of a rush, have a look into cafetière mugs. They’re more a novelty item than a serious bit of barista level kit, because we all know that you should decant your coffee after you’ve made it, but they look pretty cracking and if you’re drinking your coffee quickly enough, over brewing shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Have a read through our guide to coffee brewing at home for a few ideas.

A beautiful mug

When it comes to what your drink your morning brew from, it’s very much a personal thing. If your friend doesn’t have a go to mug at the moment, it might be time to find a great one and send it their way. Have a look at what they’re drinking from at the moment; are they more into fine china or a more substantial porcelain? Would they prefer classy and dainty or novelty?

Lots of people will buy their drink from a mobile coffee franchise and then decant it into a mug when they get back to the office, if you find a really great mug then it might become their very favourite.

When Weather Affects Coffee

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our mobile coffee franchises pride themselves on bringing their customers the very best in coffee on the go. You'll be well aware that if the quality of the coffee isn't there in the first place then it can be next to impossible to get anything near a good cuppa.

Global warming has been creeping into our lives for a while – this year we had one of the wettest, mildest winters, and recently it’s been hailing in Brazil. Whether you’re someone working hard to minimise your carbon footprint or not bothering with recycling, it’s hard to miss the fact that global warming is affecting everyone.

This is a problem for coffee growers all around the world. The beans are very sensitive to their environment, so any changes in the weather will affect the end product – meaning that your morning cup of coffee could take on a whole new flavour, if it’s able to grow at all. Realistically if this continues, coffee prices are likely to rise.

The Brazilian Droughts

The supply of quality coffee is being put at risk by these changing weather conditions and at Cafe2U we’re always keeping an eye on this, and looking for alternative sources if there is a problem with one of our chosen growers.

Mauricio Galindo, head of operations at the intergovernmental International Coffee Organisation, is concerned about this phenomenon: "Climate change is the biggest threat to the industry. If we don't prepare ourselves we are heading for a big disaster."

This year has seen a drought during what is usually the Brazilian rainy season, and it means that coffee prices are at their highest in two years. Brazil is the world’s largest coffee suppliers, so if anything changes there we notice all across the world.

Not Just Brazil

Unpredictable weather conditions in Burundi have meant that the coffee output fell by 52 percent last season. War, democratic pressure and lack of fertilisers, as well as the fact that Burundi is landlocked mean that it’s unlikely that the country will meet their production targets in 2014-15 either.

With a peak in production in 40,000 tonnes in the mid-1990, and a target of 22,000 tonnes this year, last year the East African nation was only able to produce 11,000 metric tonnes of the much demanded substance.

The Changes You Can Expect

The good news is that coffee prices for the consumer are only likely to rise modestly, and no more than you’d really expect just from changes in the industry and inflation in general. The majority of coffee lovers are usually prepared to pay those extra pennies as long as the quality is good enough.

As a mobile coffee franchise Cafe2U pay close attention to any circumstance which might affect coffee production and therefore influence our blend. In our recent regional meetings we were discussing this very topic, and we make sure that we’re well aware of any changing conditions which might affect our mobile coffee franchise partners and the products they produce, making sure that as a company we are as prepared as we can be.

If you’re interested in one of our mobile coffee franchises visiting you at work, or buying some of our high quality coffee blend so you can make great drinks at home, simply contact us for more information.

The Surprising Benefits of Butter Coffee

Saturday, June 14, 2014

We all take our coffee slightly differently, but in large this tends to be whether you have milk, how much, and whether you’re going to have sugar. Have you ever given any thought at all to melting a stick of butter into your morning cuppa?!

I’m sure, like us, you’re a little bit sceptical about all the latest health tricks and tips which appear in the newspapers on an almost daily basis. They often contradict what was stated a week previously, and more often than now these seem a matter of opinion rather than the conclusion of extensive research into the long-term health benefits.

In recent weeks we’ve read about how coffee can lower suicide risks and how an extra cup of coffee a day can lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes. These are actual studies, conducted by academics over long periods of time. We’re obviously particularly interested about the attention coffee receives in the media, and our mobile coffee franchises love to hear about all the good a quality cup can do.

The most recent story to catch our eyes though is one about butter coffee. Just the idea of butter in coffee makes us feel like we’re piling on the pounds – can it really be a good idea?


Butter in tea has been a norm in Tibet for a long time. It’s simply normal tea with a spot of butter added to it (use yak if you want it to be really authentic). Dave Asprey took this concept over to America, where he branded it as Bulletproof Coffee. Since, there’s been various articles written about whether there can actually be any health benefits of adding butter to your beverages. Tibet isn’t one of the countries that Cafe2U’s mobile coffee franchises exist in yet – perhaps if we expand in that direction we’d better start stocking butter!

What they say:

Apparently adding butter (it has to be grass-fed and unsalted) to your morning cuppa can give you tonnes of energy. The advice of Bulletproof Coffee is that you drink butter coffee (and only butter coffee) for your breakfast and see how much difference it makes. To make your own, just brew yourself some high quality coffee. We recommend Cafe2U@home, or nip along to your local mobile coffee franchise and ask for a black Americano. Then add between one and two tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter. You’ll be able to find plenty in your local supermarket but apparently corn or soy-fed cows just won’t make the right kind of butter. Mix in a blender and drink straight away.

Health Benefits:

This butter is healthier than you might realise, and can even improve your cholesterol. There’s lots of vitamins in full-fat butter, including significant amounts of A, D and K2. In essence, it’s really good for your body (or so we’re told!). Other reported benefits include better energy retention and high focus levels.

We’re not sure if our mobile coffee franchises will be offering butter alongside our syrups and chocolate powder, but we’d be very interested to hear if you’ve tried it and noticed any differences.

Reckon you could stomach it?!