The Flexibility Which Sets Cafe2U Apart

Monday, March 24, 2014

There are plenty of different franchise models all over the UK. From restaurants to mobile coffee franchises and beyond, there is something to suit everyone and every sort of working hours. When you’re thinking about joining a franchise or starting your own business, the first step is researching the industry or service you’re thinking about, and seeing which franchises appeal to you most within these categories. You don’t have to narrow it down straight away; similar skills tend to be needed for all sorts of different businesses.

Of course, before you get much further you’ll want to evaluate whether or not you’re the right sort of person to run a franchise. It’s similar to starting your own business from scratch, except you can skip a lot of the research that involves, and you know that the system works. A tried and tested franchise doesn’t pose quite the same risks as a totally new business, and if you pick the right one, you should get plenty of support from the franchise itself.

After you’ve decided vaguely which sort of industry you want to work in, you’ll need to look at location. Because franchisors don’t want their franchisees stepping on each other toes, they tend to be given an area to work from rather than be given free roam – this is especially true of mobile franchises as there is even more opportunity to go where the customers are. 

It’s important to ask the right questions when you’re looking to join a franchise.

A couple who’ve just signed up for Cafe2U’s mobile coffee franchise model have plenty of experience with franchises. They did their research before deciding that Cafe2U was the right way for them to go. Natalie and Richard Martin previously had a Dominos franchise with five shops on the south coast. They will be running their Cafe2U in the same territory, in between Fareham and Southampton. They know their particular patch because they’ve been working here previously, and its Richard’s local area as well.

We spoke to the Martins about why they picked the mobile coffee franchise model over all the other options available, and why they chose to leave Dominos. There were three main points which appealed to them:

  • The simplicity of the Cafe2U model.

  • The flexibility of working hours.

  • The flexibility of the business itself.  

The simplicity of the model

Cafe2U isn’t complex. It’s a simple idea based on providing a much needed service where traditional vendors struggle. After just two weeks of training you’ll be able to run your own franchise and begin turning a profit. You get out of it what you put in.

Even though the Martins looked at other franchises they kept coming back to Cafe2U because there just isn’t anything else quite like it.

The flexibility of working hours

The Martins were fed up with the unsocial working hours which Dominos demanded. The work was full on and left very little room for movement. This is true of many shop based franchises. The model demands certain hours of operation to prevent an individual franchise impacting on the overall business. The mobile coffee franchise is a little different. As you’re not based in a shop in the middle of a high street, you don’t need to have set opening times in quite the same way. You can work hours which suit you and your lifestyle, travelling to where you’re needed rather than waiting for custom to come to you.

The flexibility of the business

With the Cafe2U model you can work as much or as little as you like. You can either make a living for a family, or if you’re more ambitious, you can expand and run a whole fleet. It’s entirely up to you.

For more information on starting your own franchise with Cafe2U, contact us today.

How A Professional Mobile Coffee Service Can Help Your event

Saturday, March 01, 2014

When you are organising an outdoors event in your area, you’ll need to think about catering. Whether it’s a bike race or a village fete, a fund raiser or a fireworks show, when there’s crowds of people there also needs to be refreshments. Sometimes you might want a selection of food outlets on hand, but a majority of the time a mobile coffee franchise will be the perfect solution.  

What should you look for?

There are many static coffee shops with the skills to cater for events, but because they don’t have the necessary equipment for service on the go they might need to hire specialist equipment which can raise costs considerably.

There are certain factors you’ll want to consider when looking for someone to provide coffee for your events.

  • Are they local?

  • Do they have a good reputation?

  • Are they fully insured and trained?

  • Can they provide hygiene certificates?

  • Will they attend large and small events?

  • How experienced are they?

Mobile coffee franchises such as Cafe2U are prepared for this kind of event at any time – which means if you need coffee provided on short notice, our professionally trained baristas will be happy to oblige. Cafe2U is a nationwide network of mobile Cafes. We have taken all the equipment, products and facilities from the gourmet coffee shop and put it into the back of our state of the art converted Mercedes vans. This means we can take the cafe to the customer, serving gourmet coffee, tea, hot chocolate and light snacks in any location, anywhere, any time!

Augusta of the Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice was let down just two days before her event. She contacted Cafe2U, and was we were quickly able to help her out of a tight spot. ‘I was very impressed with the quick and efficient response from Cafe2U. They found me an operator within hours.’

Why should you choose Cafe2U?


Our mobile coffee franchises are a popular choice at events up and down the country. All our lovely baristas bring our own supply of water, power and products, meaning the event organisers don’t have to worry about anything more than organising a Cafe2U van. It also means we can keep running even if there is a power failure elsewhere. Once the event has finished we simply pack everything back up and drive off on our way. It’s a fuss and mess free system which means that that event organisers can be sure that their visitors are getting a high quality service.

Cafe2U’s mobile coffee franchises fulfil all the criteria you might have. We’re really experienced, and often attend events of all sizes all over the country. Keep an eye open and you’re bound to see our one of our red Mercedes vans. With more than 50 outlets, there is bound to be a franchise near you. Local knowledge can be really helpful, as visitors to events might not know the area, so our coffee franchises can also double as mobile tourist information points!

If you chose a Cafe2U van for your event, you will be assigned a dedicated event coordinator who will help ensure that everything runs smoothly. With our proven track record and our food safety, electrical conformity, insurance and barista certificates, you can’t go wrong. We pride ourselves on our coffee. We’re sure you’ve been to events in the past where you receive poor quality instant coffee and watery tea at over inflated prices. Our award winning service guarantees that you’ll get the same quality of coffee as you would in a gourmet coffee shop – the perfect thing to warm you up at a chilly outside event!

We wouldn’t expect you just to take our word for it of course, recommendations with any sort of catering is vital. Richard held a successful supercar event at his De Vere venue: ‘After being recommended by a colleague, I got in touch with Cafe2U to arrange their visit. From initial contact to departure, they provided a friendly, efficient and high quality service.’

To book one of our vans for your event, fill in our online enquiry form. For more information or to have Cafe2U service any of your 2014 events please don’t hesitate to contact us on or call 08456 444 708.

5 Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds

Monday, December 16, 2013


Alt: What will you use your coffee grounds for?

Coffee grounds are an untapped resource. We all know that those beans make a great drink, but what else are they good for?

If you run a mobile coffee franchise, you going to find yourself with a whole lot of grounds, and you might not really know what to do with them. You could throw them away, but it’d be such a waste, wouldn’t it?

  1. Green Fingers

Coffee is a garden wonder product. It is amazing. Your used grounds are full to the brim with nitrogen which is essential for growing things. You can use it to compost, encourage worms and just generally make your garden greener and your work easier. And you’re reusing something you would have sent to landfill otherwise. Doubly green!

All you need to do is add some grounds to your compost and it’ll work as a catalyst to all that goodness. The nitrogen will help the process intrinsically, and worms basically can’t get enough of that coffee.

If you’re not very green fingered yourself, you could always offer your mobile coffee franchise customers those beans. Pack them up into little takeaway bags and give them away. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment and who doesn’t like getting something for nothing? 


Alt: Used grounds make an excellent addition to your gardening routine.

  1. Deodoriser

As you’ll know, coffee absorbs every smell within a 16 miles radius. And that is only a slight exaggeration. While that might be a bit of a pain in the keeping coffee fresh stakes, you can put the grounds to great use absorbing all the unpleasant smells that you just don’t want around.

Lay some grounds out on a baking tray and pop them in the oven to dry them out. To remove cooking smells from your hands, just rub them through your palms and into your fingers before rinsing. You can keep your trainers coffee-fresh by putting some of the grounds in a small net bag and popping them straight into the shoe. No fuss, simple, better smelling feet.

  1. Dye

Coffee grounds can do more than just stain your cup. The coffee dye can be used for all sorts of things.

If you’re a brunette or a dark red head, coffee can add shine and depth to your locks. To make your own treatment at home, start by brewing about half a cup of strong coffee. Let it cool down a bit – the heat will damage your hair. Wash your hair with shampoo, and towel dry. Mix in your cooled down coffee with some of your favourite conditioner. Cover your hair in the mixture and leave for around fifteen minutes before rinsing clean.

If you’ve got light brown or blonde hair the coffee treatment might not work as well, and you could end up with a patchy colour. It works much better as a stain than a proper hair dye – if you want to change your hair colour dramatically, speak to a hairdresser.

  1. Cleaning product

The abrasive quality of coffee grounds makes it an ideal cleaning product. And because you’ve already used the grounds to make stellar espresso at your mobile coffee franchise, the whole thing cost you basically nothing. Rub a few grounds into a pan (as long as it isn’t treated as non-stick), and you’ll find all those burn on bits of last night’s dinner come away with no trouble at all.  

To clean fire places, sprinkle some coffee grounds on the ash. The slight dampness of the grounds will help to clump the ash and stop everything flying up in the air.

  1. Repel... all sorts of things

All sorts of creatures aren’t terribly fond of coffee. Fleas and ants really, really don’t like coffee for some reason, and neither do slugs or snails. Just sprinkle your used grounds wherever you’re having insect issues, and the little nightmares should clear off.  

Cats also don’t really like the smell of coffee.  Whether it confuses their territorial nature or they’re just more into tea, we couldn’t say. If you lay some grounds down in your garden though, it should keep the felines at bay.

Make your mobile coffee franchise a greener place by reusing your used grounds today!