5 Underrated Coffee Innovations

Friday, December 06, 2013

Whether you are part of a mobile coffee franchise or just love hot beverages, you’ll have seen plenty of innovation that isn’t ever praised as much as it should be.



Alt: UHT is a bit of a wonder product.

You’ve almost certainly come across the little cartons of milk in hotel rooms and on planes labelled ‘UHT’. If you’re a bit scathing then you aren’t alone. A lot of people don’t like the idea of milk which doesn’t need to be refrigerated and lasts months. But UHT isn’t artificial or excessively processed. In fact, UHT requires just 2 seconds of pasteurisation as opposed to the 15 seconds milk is traditionally treated for. It is heated to extremely high temperatures to kill off more bacteria than your average short fridge life bottle.

Sure, UHT kills off good bacteria as well as bad, and six months seems awfully long time to keep milk hanging around for. I throw away milk if it went out of date the day before, without smelling it or checking in anyway at all. I’m a tiny bit dairy paranoid. UHT is an excellent emergency milk option. It starts out exactly how any other milk you buy does, but it gets a really clever package and a whole heap of heat for a very short amount of time.

I probably wouldn’t chose to drink a glass of UHT, but a splash in a cuppa? I’m all for it.


Much like UHT, stirrers get a bit of a bad rep. A wooden number if much more environmentally friendly than its plastic counterpart, but is more expensive to produce. If you’re take a sugar or two and you’ve tried to cope without stirring you’ll be familiar with the gritty mess which ensues. We’d much rather a spoon, but in a mobile coffee franchise without kitchen facilities, a stirrer does the job very well.  

The Coffee Sleeve


Alt: Along with the paper cup, coffee sleeves make mobile coffee franchises possible.

The coffee sleeve was a real game changer. The concept was invented by an American called Jay Sorenson in 1991, after he scolded his hand and spilt coffee on himself because of a poorly insulated cup. Originally he tried to create a new cup with better insulation, before realising that not all drinks sold from coffee shops are hot enough to warrant a more expensive cup. And thus the humble and hand saving coffee sleeve was born under the particularly catchy title of the Java Jacket.

An example of Sorenson’s genius was honoured in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in their Humble Masterpieces exhibition.

Well done that man.

The Paper Cup

Simple and elegant, the paper cup makes mobile coffee franchises possible. While cafes and coffee shops could provide mugs or cups for their drinks, any takeaway services need a takeaway container. The paper cup has been around a pretty long time, growing in popularity since the beginning of the 20th century due to an increase in hygiene awareness.

The paper cup needed a bit of a rework to make it suitable for your steamy beverage, but the concept hasn’t changed. The slightly tapered shape makes the cups stackable and stable, and the reinforced lip helps to prevent spills.

Alcoholic Coffee?

If you’re well versed in all these mobile coffee franchise essentials, perhaps you haven’t come across some of the newer coffee innovations. Portuguese and Spanish researchers have discovered a new way of using coffee grounds to produce a very different kind of drink. By heating the powder in scolding water then removing the liquid and adding sugar and yeast they have found a way of turning coffee into a strong spirit, like tequila or vodka. It just needs a bit of fermentation and the result is pretty palatable.

The caffeine is lost in the process but it gives way to a whole new realm of bean based possibility.

Can you think of any other everyday coffee innovations?

How Coffee Breaks Can Benefit Your Business

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Alt: Our Mobile Coffee Franchises are here to improve your coffee break.

We started our mobile coffee franchise because we know that coffee is fantastic, and its work based best friend ‘the coffee break’ is a wonderful little invention. Have you ever considered just how brilliant they are? You get to escape from the hubbub and just relax and sip that hot, comforting drink for a few lovely minutes. Bliss.

But the coffee break is good for you in more ways than you might realise.

Coffee Breaks Don’t Discriminate

Smokers are often allowed five minutes whenever their addiction calls. Their non-smoker colleagues would be left to pick up the slack, and they don’t get as much time away from their desks. The smoking break used to seem quite trendy from an outside perspective; you get to hang out with all the other smokers and discuss life.

Since smoking has fallen out of favour, and the smoking break has been forced outside even in the depth of winter, the coffee break has come into its own.

But the coffee break doesn’t discriminate. The coffee break is for everyone. Coffee on a coffee break is non-compulsory. Tea, water, and even a glass of orange juice are all completely reasonable options. If you went out with the smokers and didn’t smoke it would seem a bit odd.  

They Can Boost Productivity

There is evidence that coffee breaks improve productivity, and there are also reports which question the benefits, but here at Cafe2U we are highly pro-coffee break, which is why we deliver coffee to thousands of you every day straight from our mobile coffee franchises.

Sometimes your mind just seems like it isn’t functioning fully, and you’ve been looking at a screen for what feels like hours. You were more productive in your first 15 minutes in the office than you have been in the last hour. You just need a break.

It doesn’t take long to make a coffee – a bit of instant and some hot water is all you need. If you fancy something a little tastier you can nip out to one of our mobile coffee franchise and treat yourself. The break from the routine, and getting up and walking for a few minutes will help clear your head. It might even trigger a fresh perspective on that problem you’ve been working on.

Socialising Is Never A Bad Thing


Alt: The coffee break is still important, even if you’re really busy.

Sparking up a conversation also helps productivity, so a ten minute sit down with your colleagues in the staff room or at your desk while sipping a freshly made cuppa can improve your day.  If your breaks are scheduled so no two people are ever on break at the same time, you’re losing one of the coffee break’s best functions.

Coffee Itself Is Wonderful

The break is great, but so is coffee itself. Actually drinking java gives you a temporary boost to your body and your mind, making it easier to get through the day.

You are also more focused and therefore less likely to make mistakes, and will be able to concentrate more.

The coffee break literally breaks up the day, and can give you fresh perspective. You’re legally entitled to a break if you work enough hours, so make sure you make the most of yours.

The coffee break works almost as well as a power nap.

Six Simple Steps To Perfect Instant Coffee

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Have you had a truly dreadful hot drink in the past? I can’t be the only one who has been the proud owner of a barely brewed cup of tea from a motorway service station which cost more per cup than liquid gold. You know you can get a good cup from a mobile coffee franchise but if you’re at home and need a caffeine hit, instant might seem like the only option.

In honour of all those disgusting, lukewarm monstrosities, we’d like to give you some tips on getting the best cup of coffee possible, for very little extra effort.

So sit back, take note, and learn how to make a better cuppa at home.

  1. Use Fresh Water

If you only boil the amount of water you need, you’ll save on electricity. You’ll also save time, as a less full kettle will reach boiling point quicker than one which is nearly overflowing. By only using the water you need you’ll be saving on electricity, and you can get your cup a little bit quicker.

The other advantage is the taste. Water makes up the vast majority of your cup – unless you like a particularly milky number – and so it will definitely impact the end product. Ideally use freshly boiled, filtered water to maximise taste. The higher oxygen content of water which has only boiled once will improve the end product.

  1. Add The Milk First

The order you add milk might seem like a personal preference. It can be, of course, but for the very best cups of coffee, add a small amount of milk before you add water. This will prevent the freshly boiled water from scolding the grounds which can result in a fairly unpleasant and bitter taste.

While we’re on the subject, it’s better to use water which has not quite boiled. This is more important if you’re a fan of the milk-free stuff, because you won’t have that dairy buffer.

  1. Don’t Skimp On Quality

If you’re using instant coffee be aware that there are two different types. Spray drying denatures the coffee beans more than freeze drying, so a freeze dried coffee is more likely to taste like the real deal. Price is a bit of an indicator of quality, although you can buy a really pricy jar which will be no better than an own branded bargain. You’ll have tasted the difference when you buy from mobile coffee franchises and overpriced but poor quality cafes.

Shop around and try a few until you find one which you like best. The chances are you’ll find that you have a preference as instant coffee can vary wildly.

  1. Teaspoon Dilemmas 


Alt: Mobile Coffee Franchises use a measure rather than different sized spoons for consistent taste.

Teaspoons come in all shapes and sizes, so one man’s one and a half sugars could be another’s three. It can be particularly  problematic when trying to make a coffee for someone else, so we would like to propose an international teaspoon size and shape to be used at all times. It exists in the world of baking – why can’t we use it to make a better cup? A teaspoon (should) hold 5ml, in case you wondered.

If you find a teaspoon which makes the perfect coffee for you, stick with it. You can keep the spoon in your coffee jar so you know where it is at all times.

This is basically a scientific process. You know how much effort has gone into getting your grounds to you, so why spoil it by treating it like it’s an insignificant beverage?

  1. Pick A Mug


Alt: The right mug can make or break your coffee experience.

Every coffee lover should have a favourite mug. If you use a different one each time you’ll end up with different amounts of water, and a different strength. It all comes down to keeping all the variables the same. If you always use the same spoon and the same mug, your coffee will be consistently great every time. The paper cups from a mobile coffee franchise are specifically sized because it makes the baristas job easiest.

Mugs come in all shapes and sizes, and you might prefer a teeny bone china number to a giant ceramic one. It’s all about what works best for you.

  1. Don’t Use Instant

Yes it takes longer, and yes it can be more expensive, but it is entirely worthwhile.

There is a reason people continue to buy from coffee shops and mobile coffee franchises, and it isn’t because they’d rather spend the money than make their own. Coffee outlets use espresso machines and freshly roasted and ground coffee to maximise taste and quality. Your freeze dried grounds probably didn’t even start out life as the best quality beans, so they have little hope later on.