What Makes A Great Franchisee?

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon us because you’re looking for coffee vans for sale or perhaps you have seen our franchise model in action and want to know if you can get involved. So what does it take to be a great franchisee? It’s a question we get asked often, and it can be difficult to pin down because the people who keep the Cafe2U franchise alive are incredibly diverse in many ways.

If you’ve been looking into coffee vans for sale  in order to kick start a new business venture you’ll probably be interested to see how you’d do in that industry. To give you an idea, we look at the qualities of our top notch franchisees, with a focus on recent signups and proud Cafe2U van owner Helen, who runs her van in Coleraine and Portrush.

What have Cafe2U franchisees done in the past?

They have had a vast range of careers in the past, with everything from ex-hotel managers to satellite engineers, business development managers to sales people. Those who tend to be most successful have been involved in the sales and service industries. Anything customer facing will give you some of the skills that you’ll need in order to attract repeat business. Of course, there is no hard and fast rules. If you’ve mainly been working in the private sector there’s no need to worry. These are skills which can be learnt, and if you have a naturally amicable personality, you’ll find it comes surprisingly easily.

Until she joined Cafe2U, Helen worked in learning and development for a number of years. When she was younger she worked in the hospitality industry, so it feels something like coming home!

How involved in the community are franchisees?

You don’t need to have a great deal to do with you community in order to be successful – although it can help. In fact, on sign up lots of our franchisees haven’t had much to do with their community in the past, but they’d like to. In some industries you’ll just be too busy to get as involved as you’d like to, but when you run a coffee van in your local area you can be as involved as you like. You’ll be out and about in the local area, and if you want to, you can provide high quality espresso based drinks to events as well.

What motivates and inspires franchisees?

Helen is one of those who is planning on getting involved: “I aim to attend and support many local events, providing an essential Cafe2U Service.” This sort of attitude is key – it will help make a name for yourself locally, and provide additional income as well.

To run your own small business you’ll need to be motivated. It will require early starts and working on your feet, and if you are the sort of person who needs someone breathing down your neck in order to reach productivity, it is almost definitely not the right career path for you.

Our franchisee then, are motivated and inspired, often by sports people. Interestingly, asked when the inspiration people tended not to be members of a team, but individuals. Whether golfers or darts players, they were self-motivators (just like our franchisees!).

Another common trait was inspirational members of the family. For Helen, this was her parents. They instilled a strong work ethic within her which has driven her to the point she’s at today. This is a great way of coming into business. If your parents were hard workers who showed you the value of money and the rewards of going the extra mile, you’re likely to strive to do the same, and be able to pass on those same values to your children as well.

Helen is one of the new members of the team, and has started her journey into the world of Cafe2U.

There are lots of different qualities which go into a great member of the Cafe2U family, but motivation and a willingness to get involved stand out above most other things. Whatever roles you’ve performed in the past, there is nothing to say you can’t be your own boss in the near future. And you can stop your search for coffee vans for sale, because our state of the art converted Mercedes vehicles are all part and package of the franchise agreement.

If you think you’re made of the right stuff, contact our dedicated team today for more information and to get onto the path of a brand new career.

Interview with a franchisee: Trevor Fleming

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

If you’re interested in running your own small business, a franchised model can be a good way to go. Your passions might have helped you choose an industry, and if yours is coffee you might have looked at shops, coffee vans for sale as well as vans to lease. Going into a new business alone can be tough, as support will be limited and it’s down to you to build your own brand. You won’t need to look for coffee vans for sale as Cafe2U provide their franchisees with a state of the art Mercedes-Benz Vito van fully equipped with everything you need to get started. Combined with our training scheme, it will take just four weeks for you to be ready to run your new franchise solo.

Our training involves perfecting Cafe2U’s signature drinks, as well as undertaking a course in mobile catering hygiene, and picking up some business basics. You don’t need to have any prior industry knowledge, so it can be perfect if you’re looking for a career change. Another benefit is how fast you can begin to turn a profit; our acceleration package will guarantee you an income for your first two weeks of business. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll have all the skills you need to run your own successful mobile coffee van.

Cafe2U prides itself on building excellent relationships with its franchisees. We start this early on in the process by getting to know each franchisee as an individual. We like to check back in with our new starters after they have completed their training to find out how they’re getting on.

Trevor Fleming started running Cafe2U in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland in January of this year, and since then he’s taken to the system like a duck to water. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions about how he’s getting on, and why he picked Cafe2U.

What do you love about being on the Cafe2U team?

Support in the early stages of your business are so important. Lots of companies promise it but few will actually provide. Cafe2U goes above and beyond to provide everything you need.  

What did you do before Cafe2U?

I’ve worked in audiology, self-drive hire, and commercial insurance. I suppose that my main experience has been in people and service.

What's your favourite Cafe2U moment?

I loved my first day of training and getting started on this new adventure. 

What's your favourite Cafe2U drink?

Americano with hot milk. It’s just what you need on those cold mornings!

What do you do to be involved in your local community?

I attend lots of local events and fundraisers.

What is your motto?

The situation doesn't change, only how we see it through our eyes. I always try and put a positive spin on things by asking 'where's the good in this?’

Who or what are you most inspired by?

Had to get golf in here somewhere!!  Nick Faldo has always been an inspiration. He constantly tries to improve through hard work and the determination to succeed.

If you’re looking for coffee vans for sale or coffee franchise opportunities, why not combine the two by becoming part of our tried and tested franchise model. We offer all the support you need, and treat our franchisees as individuals.

Our training programme has been perfected, and you can expect the following training and support during your initial four week acceleration package.

One week of classroom training, incorporating:

  • Professional barista training

  • Safe food handling (HACCP Certification)

  • Food management systems

  • Franchise Partner training manuals

  • Business operations manuals

  • Business development manual

  • Launch promotional pack

  • Business management training

One week where the Franchise Partner works in their new territory under the supervision of the Franchise Development Manager.

Two weeks working closely alongside the Franchise Development Manager to fast track the development of the business.

As an added incentive, our Franchise Partner Revenue Guarantee ensures that you’ll take home £250 per day.

For more information, please feel free to contact us, and you can soon be on the road to business success.

Coffee Myths Dispelled: Does Coffee Dehydrate You?

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Good news coffee lovers!

Another study has proven that our favourite drink isn’t as bad as people thought. Myths about coffee (as well as other types of food and drink, such as red wine and the high protein diet) have been plaguing its otherwise stellar reputation for years, but it seems that every day a new one gets dispelled.

If you were looking into mobile coffee vans for sale, now might be the time to invest. We always thought we were doing a public health service, and now science is backing us up. Coffee doesn’t dehydrate you, as some people have argued. In fact, it is as good at hydrating you as water is!

We’re not saying you should try and manage two litres of coffee rather than water every 24 hours. IT probably wouldn’t do your teeth a world of good, and trying to get eight hours sleep might prove tricky.

The study proved that coffee managed to keep your hydration levels up just as effectively. It makes sense really; coffee has even more water in it than we do!

The point of contention was always around the diuretic quality and the caffeine content of our morning hero beverage. As it transpires, neither of these are enough to counterbalance the water you’re taking in (unless you drink a lot), and so you’ll finish a coffee a bit more hydrated than you were when you started.

Here’s the science. The human body is made of 60% water. For it to operate at its best, it stands that as it uses water, you’ll need to replace it. All your organs and bodily systems rely on water to work. You’re able to maintain body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure better when you’ve had enough liquid.  

And the good thing is, that hydration doesn’t have to come from just water. While water and milk are your two most healthy options, there are all sorts of other water sources which you can turn to for your hydration fix.

Fizzy drinks, soup, fruit, smoothies, yogurt and good old tea and coffee are all hydrating as well.

One of the biggest dehydration culprits is alcohol. It is one of the reasons you might end up with a bit of a headache the morning after you overindulge. To overcome this, try and have at least one glass of water for each alcoholic drink you consume.

So your mobile coffee van is basically a medical facility. In an ideal world water is better for you than coffee, but does it wake you up on a Monday or get you through that 9am meeting? Didn’t think so. 


When looking into coffee vans for sale, you are going to want to know your product. Cafe2U is about providing a service, so we’re chuffed to hear that it does more than we suspected.

It’s important that coffee isn’t your only source of hydration throughout the day; some of your liquids should just be water. If that taste puts you off, try sparking, or pop a slice of lemon or lime in to give it a different flavour.

If you’re thinking about hydrating your local area (and making a bit of money while you’re at it), have a look at our information about coffee vans for sale, or contact us if you’d like to ask any questions.