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Having fun at work is possible with a Cafe2U van

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Steve McCarthy has fun at work.

Steve McCarthy from Cafe2U Tamworth NSW, enjoys laughing, relaxing and joking around with his customers. It's a luxury that comes from making coffee for the same crowd at the same businesses every weekday as he drives his regular route for Cafe2U. He knows their names, favorite drinks, significant others, the names of their kids and pets.

They get to know him, too.

That's why Steve can get away with showing up for work wearing an umbrella hat, a soccer jersey and a clown-costume-wide tie that says “Aussie Sex Bomb.” It's all designed to give his customers a laugh - especaily on Australia Day.

“I'm a good friend of all my customers, and I just make them smile,” he says. He serves dozens of businesses each day in Tamworth, NSW. His experience isn't unusual for a Cafe2U driver.

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