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How Can These Health Foods Make You Money?

Friday, June 20, 2014

best food franchise opportunitiesWhat are some of the best food franchise opportunities? People all over the world are becoming increasingly conscious of their nutrition and health, and -- with a little luck and dedication -- entrepreneurs and startup businesses can easily frame successful business ideas around that. Focus on these lesser known health and/or superfoods, and you can help Americans get healthy while bringing in considerable profits.

Any Kind Of Coffee Franchising

In moderate amounts, coffee can do wonders for your health -- and it is always in high demand, too. Coffee has a wide range of health benefits; drinking coffee has been linked to increased cognitive function, stress reduction, and even long-term health benefits. For example, drinking one to four cups of coffee per day significantly decreases cirrhosis of the liver, according to American researchers.

The good news is there are more coffee franchise opportunities than ever before. Highlight the health benefits of coffee, and look into the various new business and franchising opportunities available -- such as mobile coffee franchises. The global coffee industry is worth $100 billion, making it relatively simple to sell coffee -- whether you emphasize the health benefits or no.

Native American Staples

Traditional Native American foods, such as "cattail broad leaf shoots, chokecherries, beaked hazelnuts, lamb's-quarters, plains prickly pear, prairie turnips, stinging nettles, wild plums, raspberries and rose hips" contain large quantities of health-boosting vitamins and minerals. New, unique franchises focus on branding these foods to Native American tribes and making the most of "nutritional nostalgia," NPR reveals.

Healthy and Delicious Kids' Snacks and Foods

Adults are not the only wants who are trying to get healthy. A growing number of parents are reconsidering store-bought, processed foods in favor of more nutritional options. One California mother is helping to bridge this gap, releasing a line of cold treats with servings of vegetables and all-natural ingredients (no preservatives or chemicals!) only. Create food franchises offering healthy options for children, and you are likely to go far.

In Australia alone, at least 400,000 people work in franchising. Why not you? Do your research about some of these lesser known health foods, take advantage of the best food franchise opportunities, and do your utmost to bring these superfoods to as many consumers as possible.

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