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Starbucks Joins the Mobile Cafe Industry

Saturday, November 15, 2014

espresso mobile cafeCoffee is more than your favorite morning beverage: it's also the center of a multi-billion dollar global industry that is continuing to grow. Currently, an estimated 14 billion espresso coffees are consumed every year around the world, and while Finland consumes the most coffee per capita, there are over 6,000 coffee businesses throughout Australia, ranging from traditional coffee franchises and shops to coffee vans. This means that there are numerous opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to test out their ideas for a successful business. However, the coffee industry now seems to be moving in an interesting direction: instead of using set locations that customers can visit, many companies now seem to be trying to bring everyone's favorite warm drink to your front door.

In their earnings conference call on Thursday, October 30, Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz announced that the coffee chain plans to begin a food and beverage delivery service by late 2015. Available to members of Starbucks' loyalty program, the service will reportedly begin in a few select markets in the United States before gradually spreading to other locations. Customers will be able to order and pay for their coffee delivery using a mobile app which is set to debut in Portland, Ore. in November 2014. Long known for their rapid spread across a number of countries, this new business decision will likely appeal to a variety of customers who will value the convenience of having a coffee delivery only a few clicks away.

But while Starbucks' new plan may seem groundbreaking, they are far from the first company to offer a mobile alternative to the traditional coffee shop: espresso mobile cafes and coffee vans are extremely popular throughout Australia and other parts of the world, creating a trend that Starbucks is likely now eager to follow. Could this mean that espresso mobile cafes offer a potentially successful small business opportunity? Only time will tell.

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