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Three Reasons Everyone Should Drink More Coffee

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

mobile coffee vansCoffee is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, worth an estimated $5 billion in revenue in Australia alone. This likely isn't surprising to most coffee drinkers: coffee is one of the most popular caffeinated beverages in the world thanks to its famous taste. However, did you know that coffee also has a number of health benefits? Read on to learn how your frequent stops at mobile coffee vans could be helping your body and mind thrive.

Drinking Coffee Can Reduce Pain

If you've ever noticed that your aches and pains tend to disappear after drinking a cup of coffee, you probably aren't imagining things: a Norwegian study found that office workers who take coffee breaks felt less pain in their necks and shoulders over the course of a workday. With back pain a common problem in many offices due to unsupportive chairs and stress, this like the perfect excuse to get up and stretch, not to mention take another coffee break.

Caffeine Promotes Good Memory

An article in Nature magazine found that the caffeine in a cup of coffee gives your brain an extra kick which helps enhance your memory for up to 24 hours. This not only helps you create new memories, but may also help you retain information long-term: research show that drinking three to five cups of coffee a day can reduce your risk of developing cognitive problems like Alzheimer's or dementia by as much as 65%.

Coffee is Linked to Longevity

American researchers have found that drinking between one and four cups of coffee a day can drastically reduce a person's chances of developing cirrhosis of the liver. While scientists are unsure why this might be, coffee drinkers also seem to live longer and are less likely to develop chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease than non-coffee drinkers.

With these benefits, it is unsurprising that coffee shops and other coffee franchises are growing rapidly: these businesses have a 7% annual growth rate worldwide. Currently, there are an estimated 6,613 coffee businesses in Australia, a number that continues to grow as people pursue both the taste and the benefits of the beverage. With all the aid coffee offers your mind and body, don't forget to thank the baristas and mobile coffee vans that keep you caffeinated.

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